Thursday, May 20, 2010

smilers never lose, and frowners never win

i'm going to a party.
it's a wedding party and it's shlee's wedding party.
i'm going to be the maid of honor, and joy's going to take the pictures and we'll all probably eat too much.
everyone, all together now, wave at your computer screen and say, "HAPPY WEDDING, SHLEE!!"
if you didn't, you maybe still could, just now.
as for the riddle:

the answer is nascar!!!

but i'm just kidding:

the answer is a splinter!!!

 c to the rystal and kelly ann and joni got it right.
and what do they win, bob?

A [look at a crappy picture of a] HOUSE!!!!


Cara said...

Those are some very very smart ladies who got it right.

I definitely thought it was Nascar.


Steven Cain said...

The only thing worse than a riddle cheater, is a riddler who gives me the answer before I get it!!!

I would have never got it right anyway. Splinter...Sigh. Great riddle though! I can't wait to look super smart when I use it on someone else :)

Steven Cain said...

See how stupid I am...not only could I NOT figure out the riddle, I didn't bother to look at the riddle post first...duh.

Jessica Lynn said...

My aunt is getting married on Saturday. So yay for weddings!

Anonymous said...


PS. HAPPY WEDDING SHLEE (even though I don't know you)!!!!!

kiersten said...

Have a fun time at the wedding!! :) We'll miss you and Barclay at the cabin!!

... garage sale-ing next weekend?

suzy said...

kiersten: yes. i think. let me check, double-check, and triple-check my schedule and get back to you [see, i learn from my mistakes...]

kelly ann said...


yaaaay, have so much fun at the wedding!