hi, my name is suzy.
[actually, my name is elena, but everyone calls me suzy because when i was a baby my mom named me elena and then decided to call me suzy instead so even though my birth certificate, drivers license, and marriage certificate all say elena, my dental records, yearbooks, and friends all say suzy.]

i'm 23 years old, but someday that too will change. i'm a fan of thinking long and hard about everything. i'm also a fan of walking around looking at things. 

i'm Norwegian and i'm a piano teacher and i laugh too loud and i like to draw and take pictures even though i'm not pro at either of those things. practise makes better, i think. it certainly can't hurt.

i have one sister and one brother and one mom and one dad and one husband. [and some friends and other miscellaneous relatives. of course.]

my husband is named barclay and he is the best husband of ever. we got married in september of 2009, and i am pretty happy about that.
if you read far enough back you'll find posts from when i first started dating him, from when we got engaged, and from when we got married.

we are not pet people. this point is bold because of how much not pet people we are.

we like music and food and trivia games. maybe this point should also be bold because of how much we like music and food and trivia games.

that brings us to this last but very important point: i love blogging. it's a strange new world full of creepy strangers and nice people and you can't really tell which is which at first which makes it kind of exciting. it's a good place for me to get my weird out so that in real life i can be somewhat normal, and maybe not talk so much.

this blog is the culmination of all that.
it's whatever i'm thinking about lately or whatever i saw that day. someday, i'm going to look back and wish i hadn't broadcasted my lunacy so far and wide. right now i don't mind so much.


Miss A. said...

oh yay, I'm a piano teacher-photography and God lovin'-blogger too :D. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog and will be following from now on :).

- Amy

suzy said...

sweet peet! thanks for joining up! :D