Friday, May 21, 2010

seven lists

1. wow. it's friday AGAIN. it's ALWAYS friday. if i had a toonie for every time it was friday, i'd have enough money to buy mongolia and fill it with paper airplaines made out of very expensive cardstock.
2. i've had this skirt for well over a year now--maybe a year and a half, even--and i just now realized it still has the remove before washing or wearing tag on it.
3. yesterday, after calling in sick to work, i trekked back to bed only to find another one of those centipede things walking on my pillow. i became very distraught and a little bit mad. BUG! this is MY pillow!
4. BUT. barclay cheered me up by making a fort-bed in the living room and sleeping upstairs with me last night--AND promising to buy me some spider-blaster azap so that we can reclaim our bedroom.
5. barclay says, "those are not centipedes. they are not christopher walken. they are called sow bugs." i don't care. they are going to kill me.
6. i love the thesaurus. i looked up "awesome" in the thesaurus, and they gave me "zero-cool" as a synonym. i thought that was awesome. i mean, i thought that was zero-cool.
7. about one time every year, i foolishly decide i can cut my own bangs. with the same scissors i use to chop the tops off of freezies.
8. my bangs look AWFUL. sorry shlee, i am about to ruin your wedding pictures.
9. i really, really am sorry. bad bridesmaid. woe is me. and other self-loathing exclamatory remarks.
10. i just drank four glasses of water in rapid succession. burble burble. my lungs are drownding.
11. did you GO to today? you can play pacman on the google masthead. it is a massive time-waster and i love it.


Chess said...

Haha! Does this mean you think Christopher Walken will kill you?

AmberDenae said...

you are zero-cool.

i love pacman.

i'm sure your bangs look zero-cool.

Alan said...

You are funny. I enjoy reading your posts. God bless you.

kelly ann said...

my best friend has killed 4-5 spiders every. single. day. for a week. in her bed. she basically took everything out of her room, cleaned it, and put it all back in... and still. spiders in her bed. GROSS. i fear for her life a little, not gonna lie.

forts make everything better. they really do.

suzy said...

KELLY ANN: ok, first of all, i feel sick for your friend. has she tried spider blaster?? you can get it at walmart, canadian tire, home depot [i think], places like that. you spray the perimeter of your room, let it sit for a few hours, and then it kills all of the spiders, and keeps on killing them for 2 weeks. then you have to spray again. it doesn't stink, it WORKS, and she needs to try it. like now, because her plight is going to plague my dreams. tell me if it works. hoh! i can be her hero!
chess: YES! he is a scary dude.
alan & amberdee: thanks guys, you both are zero-cool. :)