Thursday, April 8, 2010

we're going to kentucky

i was sitting at my desk
there was a large, bearded man painting the wall next to me.
he was alternately singing and whistling "goin' to kentucky"--not the whole song, just the line he knew--over and over.
now i have "goin' to kentucky" stuck firmly in my head.
not the whole song, just the one line.
"we're goin to kentucky, we're goin to the fair, to see a senorita with flowers in 'er hair."
i think people who are bold enough to sing in public are beautiful. even the fat hairy ones.


Mich said...

i agree.
on the bus one time this guy was singing taylor swift. not obnoxiously but definitely loud enough for us all to hear. i don't really like her but it made me smile so much.

TheSovietChairman said...

Dare I say, especially the fat, hairy ones :).

Allie said...

i love your blog! keep writing

JTay said...

That is good, because I am one of those people. (SInging out loud people, not the fat hairy people.) And especially now that I have a baby that I sing to all the time, and sometimes I forget I am in public with him.

suzy said...

heehee, thanks guys. :)

suzy said...

(justine-you made me snort-laugh out loud)