Sunday, April 18, 2010

the obligatory weekend summary post

my weekend faired on the side of most good.
i threw a party for shlee, rode around in the back of marty's van sprawled out on bean bag chairs listening to vince guaraldi's Christmas music on tape, went to guzz's 80th birthday party where a very nice elderly woman swore at me, got my first sunburn of 2010, and listened to a good amount of louis armstrong while baking cookies.
and now i'm in need of some gratuitous amounts of shut-eye. but first, i'm sitting here desperately guzzling liquids of all sorts.
in the morning, i will wake up in so much pain that i can barely sit up as my over-full bladder fills my tummy like a hot water bottle.
[i did this last night, and the night before--
it's not that i never learn; i'm just so thirsty.]
i can't decide if i would rather go to bed thirsty, or wake up waterlogged. 
so i'm going to do as so many others these days and do what feels good right now, here in this moment, and worry about the consequences tomorrow.
i feel a life lesson coming on...

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