Monday, April 19, 2010

palmtrees and handflowers

this morning, i was too tired to move, but too antsy to just sit there, and there was a pen and a piece of paper so i picked it up and drew a hand and then i drew another hand and before long i had a lot of hands and no people. so i hung them all on the branches of this tree and thought, fancy that, a palm tree in canada.

don't worry; they grew there. they don't belong to anyone.

oftentimes i'll fill up a piece of paper and then realize i still haven't had my fill of doodling. so i found another piece of paper and drew more hands.
i gave these one stems, because i didn't want to be redundant.
in case you're wondering what's wrong with the flowers on the far left: they're holding hands. i just can't draw very well and it looks more like they're eating each other. bear with me.


Jen G-son said...

put those on Ebay. You may make something :)

Hannah Leanne said...

Can I commission you to make me a tree one? Please? Neato.

carly said...

what kind of button are you talking about? just email me and i'd be happy to help you out!
carlyandherblog at gmail dot com

Fatuous Anility said...

I Like!!!!!

Marcie said...

love it!!

suzy said...

thanks guys. :) i feel uplifted.
hannah: do you want the original? it's just scraps of paper.