Wednesday, December 8, 2010

oh tinsel tree 2010

i recognize that the cool thing to do these days is to ride into the woods on a sleigh pulled by two horses and chop down a tall evergreen with your own bare hands, or an axe, while sipping hot chocolate, wearing a pretty party dress, and taking ridiculous amounts of professional-looking pictures on your expensive camera. i understand that the cool thing to do these days is to decorate said tree with vintagey, creative, DIY-type ornaments and garlands while listening to sufjan stevens Christmas albums and still taking ridiculous amounts of professional-looking pictures on your expensive camera. 

well, we still have our 3 dollar tinsel tree from canadian tire which looks suspiciously like a spaceship. and when it's lit up, i'm pretty sure we could pop a bag of microwave popcorn beneath it. 
forget the tanning bed; we have an ultraviolet Christmas tree. 

and i think it's nice. in an alien-esque sort of way. 

so anyways, we put that up and decorated it and drank cinnamon heart tea lattes and listened to a Christmas music mix from last year and made a nest on the floor and fell asleep beneath the radioactive glow of our little tree. 


Jessica Lynn said...

Very cute tree, I have one similar in my apartment :)

Thanks for putting my button on your page! But you need my new one! That one says cubby or car :P

iZaynab said...

(x Aha iPrefer tinsel tree's. They look cool & they don't make a mess.

leyla said...

I pretty much love that you know what the "cool" thing to do is...and then you do the opposite. And not only do you do the opposite, but you post about it while pointing out how ridiculous the cool thing is. Yeah. You're the cool one.

Carla said...

I feel like a very weird person for GASPING OUT LOUD when I saw my blog button
one of
my favorite
I am honored.
Thank you!

Nell said...

It looks b-e-a-utiful! Fab tree xx

Chantelle said...

radioactive glow... ha!! :) Sweet post.

Chantelle said...

radioactive glow... ha!! :) Sweet post.

Emily Jane said...

BRILLIANT. This post made me smile so big. I love your little alien-esue Christmas tree :)

SarahAnn said...

Who says those girls are cool? I think your tree is much cooler. And I love that you live your real life; not a life (in front of an expensive camera) that says, "This will look so great on the blog."

Jessica Lynn said...

I changed it this morning, so it should work now :)

amylou said...

sounds amazing! love your style!

Stefany said...

This is such a sweet post :) My trees are also similar in size!! So cute!! xx

Jen Glen said...

We tried sleeping under the C'mas tree one year b/c it sounded so wasn't a good night though. Apparently I don't sleep well with light glowing near my head!

suzy said...

jessica lynn: it's fixed!! :D

chantelle: thank you! for real though, it's going to give me super powers.

nell: thanks! :D

carla: hahaha i'm flattered than a pancake. :) cheers!

leyla: haha, oh, i wasn't trying to make the other look ridiculous. it's ridiculous for ME because it's much too cold to dress "pretty" outside right now and i definitely can't afford a nice camera. i just meant to say that, that is what some people do, and this is what we do. and i'm content. :D

izaynab: the messlessness is my favorite part!

sarahann: well thank you for thinking my tree is cool. :) we're pretty in love with it.

emily jan: heehee, thanks. :)

amylou: my style. heehee. thanks man. :)

stefany: i think little trees make little rooms look bigger... [and they're way cheaper].

jen glen: that is toooo bad. i love sleeping under the tree...

Bridget said...

thats an awesome tree. i love it.

Holly Knitlightly said...

I like your Christmas tree! And the drinks you made sounds delicious. I'd love to sleep under the Christmas tree some night!