Friday, December 10, 2010

my palm tree

i'm on an island, and it's awfully warm; i'm going to get a sunburn.
the sand is hot, and the sky is blue, and the water is infested with sharks and stingrays, and that's the way i like it.
barclay is here, and some of my best friends, and seth rogen.
there is a palm tree growing out of my leg.

buzzer. what. 4:00. snooze.

i need to shave my legs. there is a palm tree growing out of my leg.

buzzer. ugh. 4:05. snooze.

i could cry. seth rogen is playing with the sharks. there is a palm tree growing out of my leg.

buzzer. 4:10 am.

i touch my leg.
the palm tree is gone,
but so is the tropical paradise.

stupid alarm clock.


amylou said...

you have the funniest dreams!

I hate alarm clocks. Actually my phone is my alarm clock. It is lucky it isn't broken by now. Geez!

Steven Cain said...

You do melted peanut butter on Kashi too?!!

Unrelated, by kind of still.

That is a swell dream drawing... very... dreamy.

Amyschmamey said...

Oh my dear holy cow! This cracked me up!

JTay said...

Why is your alarm set for 4:00?! Is that for Barclay?

Emmy said...

SUZY I'VE HAD A DREAM WHERE I HAD A TREE GROWING OUT OR MY LEG TOO!!!! I can't remember if it was a palm tree, but it was definitely a tree. And the whole time I was really worried about how I was going to shave it. But it was all also normal in my dream. Like "crap, a tree."

kiersten said...

I had a dream like that last week. Except there was not a palm tree growing out of my leg ... I was just so warm and so ... not in Regina. Alarm clocks are. the. PITS.

suzy said...

amylou: hahaha, i use my phone too. and barclay has his. AND we have an alarm clock. [we don't wake up very easily.]

steven: hahaha, reading archives?

amyschmamey: :D!

justine: yes. sigh. he gets up then to go shovel snow.

emmy: hm. it must mean something. a tree is something unmoving, rooted, while a leg is something associated with mobility. maybe we can't tell whether to stay where we are or go somewhere?
i think that's a pretty spiffy dream interpretation, if i do say so myself.

kiersten: alarm clocks. absolutely. are. the. pits. truth.