Tuesday, December 7, 2010

fiddling, pondering and dreaming

i've been sick again, so i've been doing a lot of blog-fiddling and life-pondering and day-dreaming.
lately, i feel very much like a kid sitting on the floor of my bedroom contemplating a big batch of lego blocks i've just dumped out and surrounded myself with. it's not daunting or terrifying, but neither am i feeling overly excited about it. for once i'm just content to look at all the pieces and consider how they go together and all the structures i could build.
i've often been the type to just start building, irrationally adding pieces where i've never seen them put before, {wondering why no one ever thought to do it this way but not realizing that maybe someone has, and it hasn't worked, and that's why,} and having to tear things apart when i hit a wall, or when a new idea comes, having little to no vision or fixed goal.
this, this sitting and waiting and looking, feels unnatural, but in a good way--like stretching my hamstrings. and i'm seeing new things. it's good.


Jillian said...
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Jillian said...

sometimes it is nothing short of incredible to see new things.

Stefany said...

aw I hope you feel better soon. It's funny when your sick and stuck in your bed, you do start to think about things a whole lot more and gain new perspectives on things xx

Kiersten said...

Suz - I'm praying that you feel better. if you need anything, text me.

Also, the blog looks great. And your button collection is working :D yay!

Jen Glen said...

I hope today is a better day.

suzy said...

jillian: truth. :)

stefany: thanks. :D

kiersten: YOU need to get a button. do it. tonight.

jen glen: :)