Tuesday, December 22, 2009

oh tinsel tree, oh tinsel tree...

i blinked.
there it was, and it was perfect.
we'd come to canadian tire looking for a Christmas tree. i expected it to be a much more harrowing venture, sorting through spruce and pine and fake and real and two hundred dollar and 80 dollar and why is this one  a hundred and twenty dollars more than THAT one and decorations and blah blah blah.
blah blah.
but, it wasn't like that. it was like, we walked into the store, blinked, and there it was.
and it was perfect.
oh, and then there was the part about how when we looked at the price tag it said, "REGULAR $39.99, NOW 92% OFF--ONLY $2.99!"
that's my kind of tree.
oh yeah, and it's tacky and silver.
ha. but so, so, so shiny.


JTay said...

I totally love it!! And seriously, $2.99? I love Canadian Tire for such madness...

Jen Wilson said...

Your blog posts totally make my day. Merry Christmas Suzi!

Jen Glen said...

Can I just say you two are quite possibly the cutest, sweetest, funniest, most adorable-I-just-want-to-hug-you-and-kiss-you-and-call-you-my-own couple on the face of the planet!!! And you call me your friend! I am blessed. The snow stopped! I hope you're on your way home as I type. Love ya.

elena (a.k.a. suzy) said...

aw, thanks you guys! :) merry Christmas to all!