Saturday, December 19, 2009

i think we need to learn to laugh at this stuff otherwise we'll just cry all the time part FOUR

i graduated yesterday from house floods to house fires.
house fires are a bit more exciting, i think, because there's much more imminent danger, such as death and the tragic and sudden loss of all your earthly possessions and possibly loved ones besides what you can think to grab on the way out. this fire didn't make it that far though, because barclay is, once again, the hero of the story, and i am, once again, the dolt of a damsel in distress who, though excessively clumsy, has not managed to burn down or wash away our little house yet.
i won't bore you with all the action-packed details; let's just say pita bread is very flammable and it's a very good thing that barclay's a natural-born firefighter and leave it at that.

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Jen Glen said...

Stove? Toaster? I have had two stove top fires that I have had to extinguish. Not fun!! Yeah for firefighter Barclay!