Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the thing about the piano

i forgot to actually say what it was i found in my living room upon arriving home on friday.
silly me.

the thing about the piano is this [i'm sorry if you've heard this before]:
february 2008, i watched a movie with my friend sara. it was about a boy and a girl, and of course it was a love story, and of course i was single and thought i'd never be married. at the end of the movie, he buys her a piano--thus began my firm belief that a piano was probably the most romantic gift a guy could ever give to a girl. hence, my facebook status the next day:

happiness is a guy who will buy a girl a piano instead of stupid old flowers.
*note: in the event that someday a guy does buy me flowers, i will probly not think it is stupid. however, in the event that someday a guy buys me a piano...i will drop everything and marry him. 
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 it can't have been a coincidence that that was the night that sara told me that i was going to marry her friend barclay krause, who i'd never met, who lived 3 hours away in a town i'd solemnly swore i'd never inhabit. you can read that whole story here
but the point is not that. the point is that after our first meeting, i went home and somewhat rashly facebook messaged this little bit to a few of my closest friends:

Elena Christensen May 6, 2008 at 11:11pm
GUYS!!! i met my future husband tonight!

and while i was doing THAT, he was facebook creeping me, and he found the above facebook status about a guy buying a girl a piano. we each found out about each others' may 6 evening activities on march 12, 2009, the night he asked me to marry him, at which point he said that he had money put away to buy me a piano, but no place to put it yet. 
when we bought our first house, on may 29, 2009, it was absolutely not in the state to be lived in, nor, at 480 square feet, was there any room for such a massive instrument. we poured so much time and effort into making that house livable, but squeezing a piano in there seemed a bit extreme. 
and yet on friday, there it was. my very own 88-keyed, black and white and brown all over, studio piano. squished right in there with the love seat and chesterfield. 
i spent my afternoon yesterday alternately playing old royal conservatory pieces and scales on my new piano, and painting up some pictures to hang above it. 
ah. j'aime bien.


Kara said...

Omgggggggggg. Your husband seriously bought you a piano?! OMG.

Chantelle said...

I know it's supremely girly of me, but I simply must say AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! :) :)

April said...

This is the best thing I've read in a really long time.

You've got yourself a keeper, I think :)

Kayla said...

Oh, it's beautiful! Isn't is just the most wonderful feeling to OWN your VERY OWN piano and it's ALL YOURS FOREVER? What a sweet husband you must have.

suzy said...

kara: haha, yis. :)

chantelle: i'm having a girly feeling day today. so it's all good. :D

Ashlee said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME with this? I just got teary-eyed. Love your love story, and love that piano.

amylou said...

That is so romantic! (forgive me for cheeziness, Any sweet love story including music gets to me!)
You have a very sweet husband!

Jen G-son said...

oh jeez that is truly fabulous. You lucky lucky chick. I love how your house is decorated!

connally said...

that was such a lovely story, and it gives me hope. and those paintings are beautiful! ♥

PS the movie was 'Once' wasn't it??

Cadence said...

What a beautiful story!!! <3

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your pictures!
PS. Your piano fits beautifully into your lovely home.

Chess said...

Love that you messaged it at 11:11 pm. :-)

Jen Wilson said...

You guys make me believe in love.

ps. That photo of you two in the tree? Must have been taken by a VERY awesome person!

Elly said...

Oh <3, that is ridiculously cute!

Paige Baker said...

So romantic.
I love it.

nicole said...

i really really love your blog!

AmberDenae said...

This is the most precious thing. You guys are seriously perfect!

deb adams said...

i am just so happy for you right now :) that's all i can say!

deb adams said...

this makes me so delighted for you :)

Laura said...

Absolutely wonderful :)

Mira Torres said...

Serious Awww!! P.S. I LOVED that movie and very happy you found your special someone. Happy endings are the best.

Holly Knitlightly said...

I'm so happy for you! And I love that you were both creeping each other, haha. It was meant to be!!!

suzy said...

april: i absolutely do. he is the bomb.

kayla: it IS! and HE is! sigh. :)

ashlee: haha you're so sweet.

amylou: cheez away! as if i wasn't being cheezy.

conally: yes, it was. :D so good right?

jen g-son: thank you!

cadernce: :D

chess: i like that you noticed that--i wondered if anyone would.

crystal: yeah i think it does too. i'm enjoying it...

paige: yes! haha, that was the movie i mentioned in the post about when we met. soooo cute. so so cute.

elly: :D

jen: it absolutely WAS! heehee, i love the pictures you took..

nicole: aw, thank you so much!

suzy said...

amber: :)i like him a lot.

laura:i think so too.

mara: i'm enjoying your love story too... :)

deb: you did a good job of showing your little brother how to treat a lady. heehee. :)

thanks mira!

holly: absoLUTEly it was.

bebe bird beck said...

So freaking beautiful.

Joni said...

I linked this on my blog post today...hope you don't mind! Just let me know if you do :)