Thursday, March 19, 2009

p-heart 2

engagement is a funny thing. who you're going to marry, that's like one of the single hugest decisions you'll ever make (it's up there, anyways), and you are expected to make it on the spur of the moment, after being caught completely off guard by the one you love looking you in the face and asking you to say yes.
it's not like i didn't see it coming, but i wasn't expecting it.
we're official now--as in, it's on facebook. when my mom was little, it was the ring that made it official. now it's the facebook status. "barclay is now listed as engaged to elena" and a billion people are asking me, "how did he do it?" people i havn't talked to in years. maybe they're just asking to be polite, i don't know, but after telling it a billion and two times this weekend, my mouth is tired. so i thought i'd just type it up, just once, stick it on my blog, and then refer people to here to read it. longest blog entry EVER.

so it's thursday. beautiful day. we're going on a date, and i'm pumped. barclay is just so good at planning dates. so he picks me up from work, 4:45 (he's late, i get off at 4:30!), and presents me with a small book of homemade coupons. this date has rules: i have to use my coupons in a certain order, i'm not allowed to look in the back seat of his truck, and i'm not allowed to even touch his ipod (rats).
the first coupon is for dinner at my favorite restaraunt: the mongoli grill. a place we eat at all the time, but only on special occasions. i get a fortune cookie with not one but TWO fortunes in it -- "soon you will receive pleasant news" and "be prepared for a sudden change in your personal life". if this were a ficticious book, this part would be called "foreshadowing".
second coupon: a latte at starbucks. another favorite, 2 points for barclay. i have to get it to go order to use my next coupon:
One Mini Road Trip!
one of my favorite things to do is drive while just listening to music. i ask him where we're going, and he says, "oh, there's this highway that has some nice scenery..i thought we'd drive out there a ways and then back to use the rest of the coupons. is that ok?"
it's kind of a wierd thing to go on a road trip with no destination, but i'm ok with that. just to get out of the city, just me and him.
i look at the next coupon. it's for the farm wife seat in the truck. i love the farm wife seat, which is embarrassing, as i make fun of other people for sitting there. but i have a coupon, so it's ok.
we embark on our adventure. he's driving, sometimes we sing along to the music as loud as we can, sometimes we pick it apart and discuss it, and sometimes we're just quiet and i'm smiling and lookin out the window. this highway really is very pretty.
after about an hour and a half of driving, he turns down a familiar road, and i realize we're at his parent's cabin at katepwa lake. what the heck? am i so completely oblivious that i didn't realize this was our destination?
suddenly, my stomache folds in half and a thought crosses my mind: what if he's proposing? tonight? now? here? but no...he hasn't asked my dad yet. and he said he was going to. in person. that makes me a little ticked. he should be proposing. this would be perfect! why didn't he think of that?
ratsiest ever.
so he gets out of the truck and tells me to sit tight for a minute. i have a hundred and two questions but i just sit tight. obedient me. he disappears for a minute, then comes out and gets me and i follow him into the cabin...noticing that the path to the cabin has been cleared of the deep snow that's everywhere. which is strange, because the krauses don't go to the cabin much in the winter.
i poke barclay, "when did you do this?"
he doesn't answer, and my stomache folds in half again. why would he go to so much work for this, drive an hour out of town and back to get this ready, if he's not proposing!? but he has to ask dad first. rats.
we get into the cabin, and there are Christmas lights everywhere, and a roaring fire, and food and stuff to drink. it's cute. now i'm sure something's up, and my stomache is doing origami.
my next coupon is for a romantic fire. another favorite thing. this is turning out to be a date of everything favorite.
and the next coupon is for a mix cd.
the thing about mix cds is, when i started dating barclay i told him, "don't buy me flowers. i don't want flowers. i would rather have music. if you're going to spend 20 dollars, i'd rather have a cd. better yet, burn me a cd. all full of good music. just don't buy me flowers."
so, he's never bought me flowers, but i have a lot of great music now.
so he throws my new mix cd in the cd player. the first song i've heard before. the second song... i look at him, "you wrote this didn't you?"
and i don't wanna get excessively cheesy, so i won't tell you all the gory details. let's just's cute. it's really cute. it's moist eyes cute.
instead of singing, he's recorded his voice overtop of the music he composed, reading a letter he'd written to me. he finishes with, "k...i have a secret. i'm sitting right beside you...ask me for it."
so i turn to him.
the next bit is super foggy. all of a sudden he's down on one knee.
he's talking about pianos and facebook and love and oh my word that's a ring box that's a ring box that's a ring box.
i'm sorry, i honestly don't remember the rest. maybe a "will you marry me?" from him and a breathless "yes." from me. his song is still playing in the background, he'd timed it all out so it would build and reach this great finish as he proposed. i suddenly have this gorgeous sapphire ring on my left ring finger. i probably look like a deer in headlights and am suddenly thinking about how warm and cold it is at the same time, and how engagement is a funny thing. who you're going to marry, that's like one of the single hugest decisions you'll ever make (it's up there, anyways), and you are expected to make it on the spur of the moment, after being caught completely off guard by the one you love looking you square in the eyes and asking you to say yes.

but i'm glad it's like that. especially right now.
oh ps: there were a few other coupons. one for a sweet game of speed scrabble, and one for a husband, which i can't redeem until sometime next fall. we're thinkin september.


CourtBourt said...

That is glorious.

The Penners said...


Kjersti said...

I gasped and covered my mouth and bounced in my seat and squealed in delight and my stomach did butterflies for you! What a romantic guy! Ohhhh...yay proposals!!!!

Carmel Gerbrandt said...

SUZI!!!! wow, so impressive and exciting! i am SO EXCITED for you!! and please please pleaase can i meet him!?

Mrs. Wilson said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!! SO excited for you!!!!!

Jen said...

I can't remember what Craig say either! Only that it was probably wonderful and romantic! Glad to hear there are others who remember only the feeling of the moment!
The Glen one

Sarena said...

Did he ask your Dad?

elena aka suzy said...

oh yes! in fact, i asked him that right after we got engaged and he said he had--two months earlier, very sneakily, while i was sitting in the next room with my mom. :)

Cara said...

The most incredible and glorious proposing ever. I love it.

So much.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Aww! I had never read this until now... so sweet! He put so much time and thought into this, I love it!

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Gale said...

hi suzy!

i just read this and it is the most sweetest...moist eyes sweet. this is about 2 years late but congrats on the engagement- and marriage hehe!