Wednesday, November 3, 2010

that's why my friends call me whiskers

we were making something.
supper, i think. [and to those of you who call supper "dinner", i say, "shsh."]
anyway, i was stirring something {kraft dinner, i think} and that was when he ducked out of the kitchen for a minute, because either he needed to get something in another room or he was pushing the play button on the tape deck again, and that was when i pulled a clumsy and, while reaching for the salt shaker, knocked the porcelain bowl off the counter.  and then time


i       was          able       to         calmly          and         accurately        evaluate        the        situation:        my         flailing       hands,        my           beloved            porcelain        pajama-patterned             bowl--mid-flight,         that        old         man            across          the              street           that       i         always        see         everywhere     but         don't        know         where         he           lives.       and          in          that          split           second,           i            swung            around,          180        degrees,           quietly         reached          out         my         hand          and        made         the          catch.        out        of         thin            air.         and           then                                            time

sped up and we were back in full swing again, bowl intact. i was pleased with myself.
"barclay!" i screamed, "i am like a jungle cat!"
as if jungle cats could catch falling things or something. but i meant it to mean that i felt very agile and cool. like maybe a tiger.

but upon further examination, it may have just been a lucky catch.


Hannah-Leanne said...

Love this.
Excerpts like this could easily be a part of . . . right.

Hannah-Leanne said...

Love this.
Excerpts like this could easily be a part of . . . right.

The Lilac Rabbit said...

Lucky catch? No. It's because you're like a jungle cat.

Cadence said...


Jen G-son said...

oh jeez thank goodness you caught it!!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

lol how cool!!!!

an9e1a said...

I know I haven't been commenting much lately (sorry), but I've been stopping in almost daily to see what you're up to, and you just always make me smile. (thank you)

Anyway, you're super ninja for pulling that time bending, porcelain catching thing off...and I love "the thing about the piano." I went back to 2009 and read about when you two met and that definitely made me smile (a that's so romantical type of smile)...ok, let's see...your costumes were AMAZING...that gnome made me giggle all over...the paper rant on texting is awesome, but I'm afraid you're tipping your chair too far backwards in the last drawing and you are maybe gonna fall..."the truth about the weekend" post was sort of mysterious and poetic and weird and that all made me LOVE it...that tattoo is perfect and I totally know what you mean- it's almost scary...

Whew... Does that catch me up? ;)

Jen Glen said...

Oh good! I'm so glad you didn't break one of your pajama bowls! What would you have done with three? (or did you get a set of 8? I can't remember.)

Ashlee said...

That was certainly not a lucky catch, and definitely because you are a jungle cat. This reminds me of every time my husband throws something to me and I actually catch it and he grins the biggest grin on the face of the planet because he assumes our children will have fabulous hand-eye coordination and thus be amazing athletes. Those, are ALWAYS lucky catches ;)

Chess said...

There is no such thing as luck. You're definitely a jungle cat! ;-)

Bridget said...

hahaha so funny

suzy said...

hannah: you and your subtle're hilarious. i love you.

jen g-son: haha, no kidding--i've lost way too many of those things to my klutziness..

cadence: :D

lilac rabbit: thank you for the vote of confidence. :)

angela: WOW, angela, it absolutely does. :) i was wondering where you'd been!

rebecca: well i'm glad you think so. :)

jen glen..well...we started with 12. we're down to 10 now...but that's not bad, for how much of a clumsy oaf i am. would've been nine if not for my cat-like reflexes.

ashlee: no, YOU are a jungle cat too. they are not lucky catches. :)

chess: ok. i believe you.

bridget: :D

Holly Knitlightly said...

Nah, I'm pretty sure you're a jungle cat!

And I call it supper, too.