Wednesday, March 18, 2009

now it's time for a series of cheesy, serious blogs..

i'm sorry if you've heard this story, or don't want to hear this story, or would just rather hear the story about the really really stupid thing i did on friday (which i'm not telling anyways because it's completely awkward and not really your business).
it's a love story and those are wonderful, but some people don't think so. if you are those some people, maybe you should just go watch rambo instead of reading my blog, because obviously you're too manly for a love story.
anyways. back to love.

do you remember last year, about this time but maybe a month earlier, when i was anti-men? i told my friend sara that i was giving up on them.
all of a sudden her eyes BULGED out of her head and she exclaimed, "SUZY! I KNOW WHO YOU'RE GOING TO MARRY!"
so, naturally, i wanted to know who.
"barclay krause," she said, "he's perfect for you."
and she went on to explain why he was perfect for me. and when she was done, i did agree that he sounded perfect for me indeed--with the exception being that i had never met him before and he lived in r and i lived in sc and neither of us were planning on moving any time soon and therefore would never meet. rats.
i lamented that i'd never meet him.
she said, "if it's meant to be, it'll happen."
but then, a few months later, i DID move to r. my roommate was getting married, so i couldn't stay in my apartment anymore, and i quit my job, and a day later my friend patricia called to say that she needed a r. and i agreed.
i was in r for a grand total of two days when my new roommates suggested we hit up a local college & career group. meet some people, mix and mingle. we picked one someone had heard about from some other person a while back and went. on the way there, my dear roommate said, "suzy...i bet you anything, you'll meet your future husband tonight." i liked that idea, because future husbands are the kind of people you like to meet when you're single.
this is where i'll admit to being a creeper:
i am such a creeper.
we picked a couch and sat on it, watching people as they came in.
"suzy, how about him?"
"uhm...not him."
"ooh, how about him?"
"you can have him."
i was picky. it looked like all the men who were going to come had come. we gave up, laughing to ourselves that it didn't look like we were going to be getting married anytime soon.

but that was when he came in.
some song started playing in the back of my mind and i'm pretty sure a songbird landed on my shoulder.
"that's him," i told my roommate. "that's the man i'm going to marry. i hope he's single."
i spent most of the evening gathering courage. i WAS going to talk to him. somehow. except i was going to make it seem like it was his idea. i'm sneaky like that.
so with half an hour remaining in the evening, i walked to the back of the room where he was, got some food from the dessert table, and turned my back on him. i talked to a random girl, and then these other two random guys, and then finally, finally, HE joined our little circle. and shook my hand. and introduced himself as barclay krause.
i almost fell over--of the 179, 246 people living in r, i'm sure only one was named barclay krause. this one, this one right here.
we talked for an hour about music, and then i knew for sure.
sara had been absolutely right about this.


Hannah-Leanne said...

I love this story.
You should write a book.
You could make millions and millions of dollars.

rachiedragon said...

nodding in agreement with han
:)... and echoing the YAY YAY YAY!!

Cara said...

i love this.
more than love.
i ADORE this.
it's beautiful.
and TRUE.


Anonymous said...


that is BEAUTIFUL! it should be made into a movie, or written into a book or something!! So where is part 2 and 3 and 4?!!? did he know about you already!? Why was he perfect for you?!


suzy said...

karlekgirl: hahaha, you're hilarious. :)
part 2 is here:
and then i just continues from there. :)
we're married now, if that's any help. oh, and no, he'd never heard of me before that night, he just had a "love at first sight" moment. i know people say that doesn't exist but..i BEG to differ.

Emmy said...