Friday, October 15, 2010

in which i answer and ask

on a scale from 1 - 10, i am feeling much better today. most likely it's a combination of an extra chocolate mocha with karz last night, turning on the radio to hear a new metric song this morning, a lovely card from kiersten, and a lot of people taking my side on the whole ticket issue. it is amazing how good it feels to have someone take your side, even when you know you're still technically in the wrong. i feel vindicated, even though i still owe 125 dollars for that block i drove with a foggy windshield.

i have something pretty fantastic to share with you but it's friday and i feel like i should save it for sunday or monday. no, it's not a secret or anything, just something. you can wait. hold your proverbial horses.

in the meantime, i did something just now that i never do.
amylou tagged me in a survey thing, and it brought me back to the days of myspace when i loved filling out surveys.
so i did it. and then i'm supposed to tag 8 people to answer 8 new questions of my own choosing.

1. What is your favorite song right now?
maybe hysteric by the yeah yeah yeahs. maybe tonight by lykke li. but maybe okay delore by dragonette. i can't pick just one.

2. Your Christmas traditions?
last year we slept under the tinsel tree. so, maybe that'll be tradition.

3. Name a favorite movie or several?
mm, have you seen the majestic? currently, i love that one quite lots.

4. Early Bird or Night Owl?
neither. i'm tired all of the time.

5. What is your favorite perfume?
truthfully, i don't think i've ever worn perfume. i just buy nice-smelling shampoo.

6. What item must be with you at all times?
my cell phone. it is my fourth limb, my third eye, my second mouth. i am pathetic.

7. Favorite childhood toy?
books. more specifically, books with flaps that you could open or hidden pictures or buttons that made funny sounds. interactive books. books that came with tapes that read along with you and made a cute chime noise when it was time to turn the page.

8. Your go to pair of know the ones =)....what brand are they?
i'm still searching for that special pair.
my questions:
1. if you could take complete credit for having written any book, which book would you pick?
2. what was the last lie you told?
3. if you could be someone else for a day, who would you pick to be?
4. do you think my ears are too big?
5. do you think your ears are too big?
6. favorite coffee shop drink.
7. if you had the power to be invisible, would you keep it a secret? i mean, i think i would. i think people wouldn't like to be friends with a person who had the power to be invisible.
8. do you like discussing controversial topics, or do you like to stick to the safe ones?

i tag you, you, you, you, you, you, you, and you.
{i'm sorry, i've always had commitment problems. i just want everyone to play.}
{[if you do, comment and let me know and i'll link to you here so people can read your answers.]}

april played...
becca played too. :)
aaaand so did kiersten!
also sydney!!


April said...

Fun! I played along - you can link me :)

amylou said...

Yay! Thanks for playing along!
I have seen the Majestic. I like that one!
I love that you chose books! I want our future kids to love books.
Good answers Suzy!

kelly ann said...

lykke li! man, how great is she? i love her and her awesome tunes.

suzy said...

amylou:no prob bob! twas actually quite fun. :)

kelly ann: isn't she wonderful? i very much like every song i've heard of hers.

april: thanks!

Sydney said...

i have playeeeedddd. woo :)