Wednesday, October 13, 2010

next year maybe i will read this and laugh my head off

today i really should have stayed in bed. i try not to say that phrase too much because i don't want to be a debbie downer and i don't like whining, but today it's not so much emotional as financial.
because it just would have been cheaper to stay in bed today.

i woke up feeling sick and weepy. you know what i mean by weepy right? i don't mean emotional. i mean beyond that. like if emotional is a street lamp, weepy is like some star a billion light-years beyond it. i mean if i were to watch dumb and dumber right now, i would probably cry at the part where lloyd and harry get mad at each other. it's like that.

most people call in sick when they're sick. i only call in sick when i can't get out of bed, otherwise i wouldn't really have a job anymore. so i sit up, and if that goes ok i stand up, and if i'm still good i walk upstairs to where barclay is making brekkie [he makes me turkey bacon and eggs every single morning, i'm not even making that up] and if the food goes down ok then i'm good to go. sort of.
to make a long story a teensy bit shorter, this morning i ended up deciding to go to work.

i got in my car, backed out of the driveway, and started down the street, realizing at the moment that i started to go forward that my windshield was a bit on the foggy side. i could see out of it but felt like i should probably wipe it all off anyway. so, at the next available chunk of side-of-the-road [about a block or two later], i pulled over and got out of the vehicle.

sirens, lights, sirens, lights. i jumped out of my skin and back into my car. oh my heart.
i think that policemen should not be allowed to just sneak up behind you and just blare their sirens right in your ear. i made sure to give him a look that said 'how rude!' i made sure to point it at my steering wheel instead of him so that he wouldn't get mad at me.

but he got mad anyway. he came and yelled at me about killing people and driving dangerously and killing people and driving dangerously and paying a fine. and then he gave me a ticket. not a movie ticket, not a concert ticket, a, like, a ticket ticket. for 125 bucks, for having a foggy windshield. and i sat there and cried and cried because that's what happens when you yell at a weepy girl, these weird snort/sob/gaspy/wail things. he probably thought it was me trying to get sympathy but i didn't need his sympathy; i felt sorry for myself enough for the both of us.

at this point, please do not comment and say, "well he was right, you shouldn't have been driving with a foggy windshield."
because i know that. that's why i pulled over. it's just lame and i'm weepy and i feel like my head is falling off.
and yes, tomorrow, i'll absolutely wipe my window off before i leave.

anyway, here is a picture of a house that i took with my phone on sunday. i thought it looked nice in person, and i think it sort of looks nice in picture too.


Amber Rose said...

I wish I could give you a ginormous hug.

You described the weepy-feeling perfectly. And the policeman SAW that you were pulling over to wipe your windshield! lf;jsl;fj

April said...

:( I'm sorry - I know EXACTLY what you're talking about with the weepiness. And what a jerky policeman! I can't believe he pulled you over and gave you a TICKET for that!
Hope tomorrow is better, dear.

suzy said...

april & amber: I KNOW. that was the part that grated on me the most. i didn't even notice the policeman til i was in the process of cleaning my windshield and then he turned on his sirens and scared the crap out of me. lame with a capital L.
also, i'm so happy i'm not the only weepy woman. because sometimes i feel ridiculous.

Carrie Lynn said...

I told this story to my husband and I wailed: "isn't this the most tragic thing you've ever heard?!" And he described it as disgusting.

So here in Idaho, we think your policeman from hell is both heartless and disgusting. Our sympathies!

Anonymous said...

Aw, sorry to hear that Suzy. I know what you mean, sometimes the floodgates just open and you have to cry and cry and cry and cry. You're probably right, you'll look back on this a year later and laugh.

an9e1a said...

I'm having a weepy day too. I'm all sobby and angry about things like how great a guy my dad is and that those other people with their big cars and their big yards and their big everythings just suck, and that someone's been taking over everything for years because they're control freaks and also really mean, and that two year old little girls named Jaylee shouldn't ever get sick and never ever get hives at the same time resulting in household worry and all around misery, and that facebook de-friending is for the birds...

And you know it's really bad when no amount of pizza and junk food can make it all better.

Well, here's hoping for a better get out of bed day tomorrow... Sorry about the comment rant bombing that just took place here.

Amyschmamey said...

Oh girl. I'm so sorry! I don't think cops realize how bad they make peoples day suck. A ticket is 100% insurance of a sucky day. I'm sorry :(. On a brighter note that house picture is great! I want to steal that couch. Put it in a field or in the middle of a deserted road and take someone's picture! :). Hope tomorrow is better and less expensive.

Chantelle said...

I would like to have a WORD with that police man, lem-me-tell-ya.

Anonymous said...

oh hun! don't fret! life sometimes gets you down. it happens to me all the time lately. just keep your head above the water, and breathe!

amylou said...

I'm glad you gave him the "how rude" look. It was rude! But who knows how much the ticket would have been if he had seen it. UGH!
I've been there. I hate weepiness, because you can't control it.
Here are some (((hugs))).
I hope today is so much better!!!

Kyla Roma said...

oh this is the worst!! I'm sorry you had such a terrible day <3

Emmy said...

...but at least the picture of the house is pretty awesome? i feel for you!

Bethany said...

Oooooh the weepies. I get those. Yesterday was a weepy day for me, too. Weepy about the subway, weepy about the phone calls I received at work...weepy about my string cheese not being stringy enough.

I get it. It's good to know you do too.

Sorry about the ticket :(

Jen said...

That was NOT VERY NICE of him.


merrissa said...

i bet it was the same police officer who gave me a speeding ticket on albert even though everyone around me was driving the same speed :(
come do community service with me at the YMCA lol!

Nell said...

You poor thing. Sounds like a totally rubbish day. Tomorrow can only get better! xx

suzy said...

biscuit: maybe we need some water wings.

chantelle: hahaha! i wish you were there. i should fight it and invite my blogaudience to the court date. wouldn't that be fun...

amyschmamey: i was thinking of that hey? i love the couch. i was almost tempted to go sit on it and get barclay to take my picture but i chickened out. after all, what if the people were home?

angela: aw, i'm sorry...cheers to today being less of a weepy day for all[i hope--is it?]. also, you can rant bomb any time. it's all good.

carrie lynn: oh man. nothing better than telling someone a story and having them get mad with you. :D feels good.

amylou: thanks. :) again, i'm so glad someone else understands the weepiness. it feels so ridiculous, but you just. can't. help it!

kyla roma, nell, courtney: thank you for the sympathy. as much as i wasn't asking for sympathy, i do love a good bout of it now and then.

merissa: is this merissa like merissa i know in real life merissa? well hi! also: that sucks! tickets are just no fun.

jen: no. it was NOT.

bethany: i'm sorry that you had the weepies yesterday. did you know that there is a band called the weepies? those kind of weepies are good to have.

emmy: well thanks!

Jen Glen said...

I'm sorry I didn't read this before I saw you today or I would have given you a big hug and said, "That is SOOOO not fair!" I'm going to Care Group tonight, and we have a police man in our group, and I will ask him if that was fair and how that whole law thing works, b/c it seems silly to me! I didn't even know you could get a ticket for that! I personally think that police man was having a very bad day. Maybe he felt like weeping too.

suzy said...

haha it's ok jen. :)
i'd be interested to hear what your policeman friend says.
he'll probably say i was in the wrong, because technically i was. even if it was only for all of 2 seconds.

Jannaya said...

I know exactly what you mean by weepy! I'm sorry about your terrible morning. I hope you are feeling better.

Bethany said...

Oh yes. I've yet to meet a weepies song I didn't like.

Mich said...

YIKES - i didn't even know they could DO that!! man, i'm so sorry!!

Anonymous said...

I can give you the name of a good lawyer!!

Gretchen said...

Um last weekend my husband got pulled over (with me in the car) and the idiot cop gave him a ticket for going 63 in a 50...only it's 55. Granted, still "speeding" but 99% of cops wouldn't pull you over for 8 stupid miles over, and it makes the ticket cost more and likely more points on his license. He even said, "are you sure it's 50? I thought it was 55" (this is the road he drives EVERY DAY to and from work.
Idiot cop: "No, it's 50, you can go down the road and see the signs..."

Okay, stupid. Now he has to contest the ticket because some dumb cop doesn't know what he's talking about.

You were right, cop was wrong:)

Jennifer said...

I am really sorry you received a ticket, but on the bright side today is the first time I have read your blog and I totally understood where you were coming from and REALLY enjoyed it!! Hope that makes you feel a little bit better!!

suzy said...

jannaya: well thanks, i am feeling much better. much less weepy. :)

bethany: oh GOOD. i'm glad you were not without the weepies.

mich: what can ya do i guess? besides fight it. which everyone is telling me to do.

anonymous: heehee, is this a relative of mine by any chance?

gretchen: that SUCKS. no fun at all. you have my sympathy for sure.

jennifer: well thanks! that does make me feel cheered up a bit. :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ahhh I get really weepy a LOT. I have cried (like, sobbed.. for a long time) over garlic bread before. Yeah, garlic bread. Ha. It's annoying to get so upset. Blah.

I can't believe he pulled you over when you were fixing the problem! What a jerk. I hope that today is a million times better.

Oh and I received my headband from your giveaway today! It's puuuuuuuuurdy! :)

Jessica Lynn said...

Here's your next house obsession link :P

Tehe <3