Tuesday, June 1, 2010

saturday, two days later

ok. now to finish the post i began writing right before i found the rotten potato salad in my purse. 
which is a whole nother post in itself. 
anyways. where did i leave off...
oh yes, "it was almost my dream saturday [see friday list number 8] except brekkie wasn't quite that elaborate and we weren't in california and it rained so i didn't get my sunburn and substitute a cadbury chocolate bar for the lindt chocolate and an elephant for a panda bear and i didn't get to sleep in a hammock.


...however, the day was a gas. 
i took pictures on my cell phone, because professional-type cameras are beyond overrated. 
also i can't afford one.
[mostly i can't afford one.]
we [we = kiersten &  i] walked down 13th to the cathedral arts festival.
first we saw shar, dancing up a storm in the street with her dance team.

shar dances like the northern lights!
then we jetted to the cathedral to see liz sing. 

she hit the very highest note. i was beyond impressed.
then we wandered down the street, past buskers--


--royal court jesters--

-and men wrapped in saran wrap for no good reason.

[he was shouting, "hey! hey you! do you think i can get out of this saran wrap?" and then he wriggled out of it and asked for money from the bystanders. 
"don't be cheap. i gave you a good show. you owe it to me. i don't come into your place of employment and leave without paying, do i?"
no. that's true. 
but if i sold women's hats and i came up and stuck one on your head, even though you don't need a woman's hat and don't want a woman's hat and didn't ask for a woman's hat, would you still owe me money?]

anyways. the point is not that.

the point is that THEN we went for coffee with a bunch of nice people. 
that was nice. 

then kiersten, full of nicety & an overly wonderful london fog, had the highlight of her day. 

we met caitie vancise, the designer for Vintage Charm Jewelry & Hair Accessories.  
she was very cool and very sweet and wants to someday open up a shop all her own and sell cute things.
i think she should. i offered to sometimes just sit in her shop and look at all the cute things and she said something like but not necessarily, "sure, i'll pay you in jewelry."
anyways, kiersten bought this necklace and a sweet peacock headband and we swooned over them alllllllll day because we're girls. that's what we have to do sometimes. 


then it started raining.
like, torrentially.
we ran for cover into another coffee shop. 
[luckily, there are about twenty million of those in the area.] 
[well four. and three bakeries. that's not important.]

we sat by the window and talked about love and work and the cute necklace that kiersten bought. 

the day was lovely, but the rain started to wash the cathedral arts festival away. 


so we had to go home.

but THEN!

barclay took me to the circus!

and we lived happily ever after. 


Steven Cain said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I would trade my 'Horton Hears a Who' finger puppets and two big boxes of sidewalk chalk for somebody who would take me to the circus...and bring me back home after.

Alan said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. You are so creative, and such a girl. God bless you.

Cole said...

Fun! :) I miss going to the circus.

JTay said...

I seriously need to enjoy more of what this city has to offer! Looks like fun!

Jodes said...

Oh my goodness so much fun and merriment!
I agree with your little statement about street performers. Absolutely. It's true if people want to stick around and watch, but then they should give a little something. If they pretty much coerce you into being a viewer then you should get to opt out.

I want to hang with the hippies in that van! Haha.


Mich said...

ooh jealous of the circus.

PS - you know Adam?? He's my friend!! We met in England.

(at Capernwray and then we both went to Briercrest and now he lives in Regina)


Iva said...

so sweet!!

Happy Friday! Have a great sunny weekend!