Friday, May 28, 2010

friday list eight

0. friday. again. for the love.
1. last year, barclay gave me a potted plant for my birthday. i really really wanted to keep it alive, if only to prove that i'm responsible and can care about other living things, but it's dying and now i know that i can never be a mother.
2. a guy just walked past carrying eight toilet plungers... so...
3. the christopher walken situation seems to be quite under control, and my joy knows no bounds. not a single bound. [seriously. "my joy knows no bounds". what does that mean? for the love.]
4. conglomeration.
5. my dream saturday: wake up to breakkie in bed [waffles with whipped cream and turkey bacon and yogurt and peaches and syrup and eggs and acai berry juice because it tastes like the inside of a gusher and icing sugar], watch some old cartoons, go upstairs to find out we suddenly live on newport beach and there's an all-year music festival featuring anathallo and mewithoutYou [circa 2006/2007] and brand new and others like that and get a wee sunburn and a wee ringing in my ears and eat a lindt chocolate ball. and some spaghetti. and cuddle a panda bear. and go to sleep roughly around 11:30. in a hammock.
6. "jogging is very beneficial. it's good for your legs and your feet. it's also very good for the ground. it makes it feel needed." - charles m. schulz
7. what's your dream saturday?
8. today, one of my co-workers crawled under my desk and when i asked what she was doing, she answered, "i'm your new troll," and then she just sat there for a little while while i typed stuff. i think we're all a little tired around here today.
9. also, does my non-use of capitalization bother you? consider this a public opinion poll.
10. i pulled a piece of paper out of the printer today that said, "if you can read this, it means it's working."
so i guess that's a positive thing.


Cara said...

I seriously get really excited during the week for your Friday lists. and I don't blog with capitalization either, for the record. And your perfect day really sounds perfect and when people are asked their perfect day I don't think they really consider what is perfect when they tell people because all their ideas suck.

not yours.

molly YEH! said...

i enjoy number 9. i don't enjoy using capitals. it's easier this way and also if you ever wonder whether or not to capitalize something... well you never have to wonder that again.

Mich said...

good list today.
I think my ideal saturday would be pretty similar - minus the acai juice cuz apparently it gives you cancer. and i would be wearing a pretty new dress while doing all this.

and i don't care that you don't use CAPITALS.

Chess said...

My dream Saturday would be to wake up knowing I had money in the bank and my student debt was paid off. And there would be a delicious-smelling man who would say, "Hey, let's just watch movies all day, and I'll tickle your back, and you can fall asleep on my shoulder if you want." In between movies I would bake things like pink cupcakes and make fruit smoothies. I think that sounds just about right. :-)

Steven Cain said...

no caps is a-ok, and every day is saturday... but I could use a new troll...maybe.

JTay said...

1. One day soon you'll be an awesome mom... but no rush! Enjoy these days!
2. I know why there were 8 toilet plungers.
4. good word.
6. yes.
7. My husband would wake up and take the baby out for a walk while I slept in, then I would make a really yummy breakfast and my kitchen would magically clean itself, and then I'd spend time outside and some time drawing... and cuddle up with tea, popcorn, a movie and hubby for a movie! I'd like that.
10. Thanks for printing that stuff for me today!!

Allie Garcia said...

not capitalizing is so e. e. cummings. and hes the best. oh, and im your new biggest fan because i think our souls are made out of the same stuff. but you are way way way (times infinity) funnier than me. i love that!

Jen Wilson said...

goodness. you always make me laugh.

re: #1 - babies CRY when they're hungry. you'll make a great mother!

re: #6 - i like.

re: #9 - no, it does not.

happy sunday!

Alan said...

I'm not quite sure why, but I have begun to look forward to your posts. Good list today. God bless you.

suzy said...

cara: your too sweet. :)
molly: heehee, it's true! life really doesn't need one more thing to worry about.
mich: it gives you CANCER? wot? i just had a glass. who told you that??? yikes!
chess: haha a delicious smelling man eh? have you seen the old spice "man your man could smell like" commercials? if not, you need to youtube them, like, now.
sc: well you can't have my troll!
justine: no prob bob and WHY were there eight toilet plungers??? enlighten me.
allie: my goodness, i just spent the half hour reading your love story...sigh. i love love stories. and i think you're right, i think we're very alike...i'm your newest follower. :)
jen: truth. but still. motherhood is scary...
alan: thank you! :D