Sunday, May 30, 2010

the repercussions of a good idea are sometimes nauseating

i have to save the paper rant for tomorrow: my sharpie marker has run out of...whatever kind of guts sharpie markers have.
but that's ok. i had quite a nice day yesterday and don't really feel like ranting about anything except for what a nice day i had.
it was almost my dream saturday [see friday list number 8] except brekkie wasn't quite that elaborate and we weren't in california and it rained so i didn't get my sunburn and substitute a cadbury chocolate bar for the lindt chocolate and an elephant for a panda bear and i didn't get to sleep in a hammock.

oh my word.
ok, i have to go. i just went to grab my cell phone and found rotten potato salad in my purse from probably a month ago. i'll explain later why i had potato salad in my purse. there was an alright reason involving practical jokes and a co-worker's office. i will never be able to explain why i never noticed the rotting mess until now.
dah! epic failure. i'll continue this post later, after i've cleaned up the mess i've made. i just GOT this purse a month ago. right before we began Project Potato Dallas. [marcie, if you're reading this, maybe just don't really mention it to your husby if you can at all help it.]
this is a prime example of practical jokes gone rotten.
pun totally intended.


kelly ann said...

you know what's weird...

i totally just finished eating a bowl of homemade potato salad. feelin' a little sick now, HAHA. ;)

however, i would like to know more about this practical joke thing.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my gosh, I love your blog!