Monday, June 21, 2010

amazing still it seems, i'll be twenty three

my birthday this year found me at the exact same place as it did last year, and also at a different place entirely.

22 was a good year. we completely renovated our little house, got married, went to california, came back, played about a million games of trivial pursuit, got our first Christmas tree, and met our very first niece.

i rung in the first day of 23 roasting in the burning sun with barclay, holding his hand and listening to some sweet music. the rays drew a blotchy, fire engine red pattern around the edges of my clothes and shoes, and i had to squint hard to see the performers on the stage. finally, i gave up and closed my eyes. good thing you can still hear with your eyes closed. 

AND! it was father's day. i like celebrating father's day on my birthday. considering they're somewhat completely connected.

as expected, i got my dixie cup of ice cream, saw lots of friends and family, and listened to scads of music, as well as saw the best tour bus i think i've ever seen [owned by one of my favorite bands maybe ever].

on our way out of the valley, we stopped at the top of the hill to just check out the view. i pretended it was the grand canyon. it was easy enough to do because i've never been to the grand canyon.

all day, barclay kept pulling small birthday presents out of his backpack. a freelance whales cd, some small notebooks, clodhoppers, stuff like that.

my favorite:

the pencil crayons are made of rolled up chinese newspapers. they are the nicest thing i've ever seen this week. he said i can use it for my paper rants. i love my husband.

so i'm off. to write a paper rant on my new paper with my new pencils while eating clodhoppers and listening to freelance whales. so best.
how was your weekend?


Cara said...

Happy belated birthday, lovely lady! Really I think your husband is the bomb. Also, I love your heart. It is so innocent and beautiful. You are so lovely.


Mich said...

Awww so cute!! Happy Birthday!! Sounds like an amazing weekend!

(i would so love to take that van for a road trip!!)

cfoxes33 said...

Happy birthday. Glad you had a great day!

Chess said...

My weekend was.... tiring. Friday was a good day though!

And ps. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you got some fab presents! Hope you've got some beautiful weather to enjoy them. :-)

Hannah-Leanne said...

So best. Legit.

stephanie said...

Clearly it's too late to wish you a happy birthday and even more clearly you DID have a great birthday.
So now I wish the rest of your 23thd year may be a continuation of that one day: with lots of unexpected little presents.


Anonymous said...

Good grief! It sounds like you had a spectacular birthday! I'm glad :)

Steven Cain said...

Wow!...Don't take this the wrong way, but I think I love your husband too...First the Circus and now presents in a backpack...Those pencils rock!

Happy Birthday!

Kiersten said...

those are wonderful pencil crayons!

and I'm sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday yesterday when I saw you! Tsk tsk, Kiersten. EVERYthing was yesterday. Seriously. I'm not joking.

We should go for supper or something to celebrate 23 ... sound like a plan?

or maybe I can buy you that plaque for your living room? I know how much you'd like that.

Jen Glen said...

Yeah for you! Happy Birthday..I'm sorry I didn't know, but even if I did, you weren't around for me to sing to you! Husbands rock, that's for sure.

kelly ann said...

happy belated birthday, dear! those pencil crayons are SO COOL. this sounds like an awesome birthday. :)

Jen G-son said...

Happy Birthday :) 23 is such a special age. I'm about to be done with it!

JTay said...

I like that Barclay is awesome, and that you are awesome, and that you two are married.

JTay said...

I like that Barclay is awesome, and that you are awesome, and that you two are married.

an9e1a said...

I know you had a happy birthday cause you just gave us the proof! so here's to a happy year 23!

suzy said...

aw, thanks for all the birthday wishes! :D lovely.

Katie said...

Thank you for the comment! (though, truly, I have no idea how you found my blog! how did you?)

happy belated birthday, and nice on the nod to J.E.W in your title.