Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a boring blogging

where is all the money going?
well, actually, i know where it's all going. down the toilet. well. not down it. into it, though. we bought a toilet and 286 chocolate bars. that adds up. turns out that shoplifting, though not entirely ethical, is a lot cheaper. don't worry though, i'm a stand up kind of girl. we paid for all 286 chocolate bars. and the toilet.
we're renovating our house, my barclay and me, and we just finished our first room: The Kitchen. want to see before and after pictures?
Oh, well, sure you can.



so that is that.


Jen Glen said...

I love that flooring! And I seriously think that colour was the colour that used to be in our kitchen! I think Jackson and Steph painted it! Too bad, you could have seen if they had any paint left over. I also couldn't figure out why in the world you would need so many chocolate bars....and then it dawned on me...wedding! Are you sure you want to glean from my wisdom?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Suzy! You do beat all and now I see you are also a first rate interior decorator! Looks lovely!