Thursday, September 10, 2009

the you're a dragons go to a show

me & rachie (the brunette-head in the picture ((and co-founder of a club i co-founded in college [the "you're a dragon club". it was fierce. pretty much a gang.]))) went to an outdoor noon-hour concert the other day. had to leave halfway through on account of i had to be somewhere else. the music was good though, and i was sad to go. the guy performing was sad we had to go also. he actually stopped playing, and asked why we were leaving. it was so unexpected that i just looked at him blankly and said, "because." and then he asked us to maybe not leave and i just looked at him blankly, and at the audience, and back at him and shrugged, and mumbled, "nice music," and left. i'm not good at thinking on my feet when everyone's looking at me. but we felt pretty cool.
but then i felt uncool, because --don't make fun of me -- i have started listening to a radio program about video games. it's like 3 guys sitting around on the air talking about video games and their graphics and their soundtracks and their plot lines and when they come out.
they aren't funny, i don't really love video games, and it's not quality programming.
and still, i listen. and none of you who read my blog can make fun of me for it, because by reading my blog you're basically doing the same thing.

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rachiedragon said...

you're a dragon!! good show :)