Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tutti frutti, oh rudy

i drove past that band, ac/dc, a couple weeks ago. me in my little purple car, them in their ginormous stretch limosine-bus.
i love famous people.
i wished my saskatoon people were there with me, so we could go make their aquaintance. like the time little richard came to saskatoon: when i found out he was coming, i got all excited. he was one of the first people ever to be inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame. he was on full house. he sang a song on my favorite movie ever, the brave little toaster. i told all of my friends that when he came to saskatoon, i was going to meet him.
i remember walking downtown a few weeks later and seeing this limosine parked in front of the bez. and i knew, because i'm really smart. i said to my friends, i said, "THAT is little richard's limosine. let's go say hi."
half of them got all cynical and left, saying, "there's always limos parked there, it's probably for a wedding or some rich guy or just an airport limo and you're nuts," and half of them dubiously took a seat on the curb while i went over to talk to the limo driver. who happened to be nice. she looked like she'd be straight up with me, so i got right to the point.
i asked, "is this little richard's limosine?"
she said no, but my toes were tingling. this limo definately belonged to the man who belted out the song Tutti Frutti from the little am radio in the garage as me and my mom shucked corn years and years ago.
an important life lession: sometimes, if you ask once and you don't get the answer you want, all you really need to do is ask again. but in a different way though. (note: this does not work on mothers)
i said, "cool. that's cool. but if it did happen to be little richard's limosine, you probably wouldn't be allowed to tell me so anyways, would you?"
she smiled. "no."
"thought so...did they say anything about maybe, giving me a signal? like, tugging your ear?"
she smiled again. and tugged her ear lobe. "you know, even though this isn't little richard's limosine, you might be tired and in need of a rest. you might sit on that bench for about 5 minutes and catch your breath."
i grinned. "yeah. i might." i went back to my friends. i got out my camera. i told them, "wait for it...little richard's gonna come out that door..."
and he totally did. i said hi and took his picture, and i have it as proof that the tingly feeling in my toes is always right.


Anonymous said...

That was very smart, Suzy! Very smart. That was enjoyable to read.

Jen Glen said...

That's awesome!! I'm all about famous people as well. In fact, when we lived in S'toon, I would even get excited when I saw the CTV news people in person! (I don't recognize the Regina ones.) When I went to New York, my eyes were peeled for someone famous..but no luck. Maybe one day [sigh].