Saturday, June 19, 2010

inspiring inspirational inspiration about success and succeeding

i found an inspiring piece of inspirational writing the other day at a thrift store.

i love sayings that say something about the subject that they are referring to.

needless to say, i just need to say that this quote -- plus the encouraging picture pictured below it -- made me think about thoughts that i hadn't thought of thinking before.

i almost bought it for my living room because i wanted to hang it in my living room, but the price pictured on the picture's price tag was exponentially more and a lot higher than i was willing to spend [it was 2 bucks].

and now, without further adieu, i will not make you wait any longer because nothing irks me like an irking thing [such as further adieu and waiting for a long time].

nothing succeeds likes success.
words to live by.


Mich said...

That is hilariously hilarious.

an9e1a said...

The truth in those words is so true. :)

Oh my, you shouldn't have showed me that. My brain will be moving in circles for the rest of the day..

Chess said...

Exponentially deeper than I had expected! Albeit misspelled. Oh well. Haha! :-)

Jen Glen said... says Nothing Succeeds likeS Success. Not only is it inspirational and SOOO deep, it's grammatically incorrect! :) I think you should go back and ask for $1 off!

Jen Wilson said...

TOTALLY inspirational words!!!