Friday, June 18, 2010

friday list number eleven

uno. friday again? they're stacking up like a 6 billion-car collision on the highway of my life. a wonderful, thankgoodnessit'sfriday kind of collision, though.
dos. last night it took me more than two hours to fall asleep. earlier that day, i'd bragged to a friend about how easily i fall asleep at night. "my head hits the pillow and i'm gone," i'd said, "never have a problem with that," i'd said, "can't imagine not being able to fall asleep within five minutes of trying," i'd said. but at midnight i was shaking out my legs and trying to have a friendly conversation with barclay, who really doesn't ever have a problem falling asleep [except for when i'm laying there going, " awake? too...what are you thinking about? barclay? baaaarclaaaaaay...]
tres. every single solitary year of my life [excluding the year i lived out in the mountains], i have spent the third weekend in june at the frenchman river valley gospel music jamboree. it is exactly what it sounds like and, incidentally, there is an overabundance of cowboy hats, gospel music, and the best hamburgers you have ever laid lips on. plus, tons of my friends make it out and what's better than tons of friends? not a thing. and, starting tomorrow, jamborree weekend is upon us once again! this weekend is going to rock my proverbial socks off.
cuatro. i don't like country music. however, i am completely ok with sitting out in the hot prairie sun eating a little dixie cup of schwann's ice cream  and listening to cowboys sing hyms in four-part harmony. i wrestled with this seemingly incongruous aspect of my musical consciousness for a while before realizing that country music as it is today is not even the least bit the same as country music was way back when, and gospel music is something else entirely. we're good.
cinco. "my shoe is off, my foot is cold, i have a bird i like to hold." - dr. seuss
cinco. this friday list feels lacking. i'm sorry. i should probably end it here.
seis. oh but one more thing: your comments and emails are so nice. they always make me grin and give me joy zits. merci merci boucoup.


Chess said...

It's Friday again?! It seems like I'm always opening up Blogger dashboard, and there is your Friday list. Where do all the days in the week go? Sigh. Makes me tired. I'm not a big fan of country music either, but I suppose it's grown on me. I like dancing to it. But listening to it is not something I do on purpose. :-)

molly YEH! said...

that music jamboree sounds awesome!!

kelly ann said...

i'm not big on country music, either, i was just discussing this with someone the other day. the whole honky-tonky "drinkin' whiskey 'cause she dumped me, and now i have bbq sauce on my shirt, woe is me, my life is the pits" type of music just... doesn't appeal to me. haha. BUT... i do love some of the old country music, which like you said, is completely different from how it is now. i also love bluegrass, folk-y music. and wheat fields. and sweet tea from mason jars. and old barns. and horses. and old boots. and the banjo. and the harmonica. and yes, i'm a beach bum from southern california. hehe. ;)