Sunday, April 11, 2010

suzy, the neighborhood creep

i have nothing for you tonight, except another house.
someone asked me the other day, "what is it with your new house obsession?"
i feel like they maybe thought it was weird and creepy to go about taking pictures of strangers' houses. truth. 
well i don't know. i was just walking and there was this house on the corner--just where it always has been--but this time it needed its picture taken. and i couldn't not. so you see, i had to.
and there's something nice about taking a picture of a house; a house is quite big and slow-moving, so it is easy to capture in a camera--much unlike a hummingbird or a cheetah. also, i live in a city, so i am not in short supply of houses to take pictures of. also, houses usually come with a tree or two, and trees are pretty dang poetic, which is always good because poetry is definitely necessary in every instance.
you know what else i like? fences.
for all of the same reasons.
tomorrow, i'm going to try something new.


Morgana said...

absolutely love your orange fence! It's divine!

I have nothing to declare but my genius said...

A house is quite "slow - moving" - brilliant, had a good laugh at that.

JTay said...

I like the house pictures. I look at them and imagine what a little love, elbow grease, and good design could do to them.

Anonymous said...

I love pictures of houses, and taking pictures of houses I'd like to live in someday!