Monday, April 12, 2010

steve is not a house

so here it is; something that is not a house or a fence, as promised:
my childhood was like this: school, piano, steve urkel. i wanted to be laura winslow.
best. sitcom. ever. me & barclay watched the whole thing this year, from the very first episode where steve moves in next door to the winslows, to the very last episode where steve returns from space to marry his lovely laura.
i cried at the end when laura said, "steve, promise me you'll never go into outer space again."
and steve said, "only when we kiss, laura lee...only when we kiss."
don't judge me. i was emotionally invested in that show from a young age.
on that note, go watch it. now. all of it.
tell them i sent you.


Jen Glen said...

My favourites were always when he would turn into the good-looking Steve. Now was that his cousin or did he do something to himself to make him cool? I can't remember. I'm sure you'll enlighten me.

suzy said...

mm. stefan urkel. in the transformation chamber, using the boss sauce. it altered his genes and made his cooler ones predominant. his cousin was someone else entirely --myrtle may urkel--who had a mad crush on eddie. really though, you just need to watch them. youtube it. do it. do it now.

JTay said...

baha! I often ask Sean to never go into outer space again.