Tuesday, April 13, 2010

and patricia is not boring

i got an email just now from patricia.
[hi patricia.]
she said, and i quote,

"Hey so I was reading your blog...seems like the only interesting thing about me is that I tell scary stories...so you should write one about me not being boring...but then again maybe we never do fun stuff....."

here goes. this is for and about patricia may.

it was a wednesday. this is the hinge on which the whole story hangs like a creaking screen door. if it hadn't been wednesday--if it had been, say, a tuesday, or even a sunday--we might have gone to bed at 10:30 and laid there and talked about our days at the debt collection center [where we and the other 2 girls we shared the small apartment with worked at the time] for a short while before drifting off to sleep. 
but it was wednesday. it was so much wednesday, in fact, that the week was half over. 
there are a few things that happen on one day of the week and not any other day of the week.
television shows that only air on that day. friends that you only see on that day, for whatever reason. 
but the reason that wednesday is important to the story was not because of something that happened on wednesdays, but more because of a lack of things that happened on that day. 
there were no good television shows. no friends available to hang out with. businesses closed at 6. we were quite alone, and quite bored.
and in fact, i think we went to bed at about 9:30 instead of 10:30 that particular night, because we were so bored of playing skip-bo and wishing we were out with boyfriends like our flat-mates instead of sitting at home playing skip-bo.

i feel like this story may have the opposite effect of that which i set out to achieve. but don't feel bad patricia; i don't think you're boring. i can think of lots of fun times we've had. maybe i should've written about one of them instead. um...would a house cheer you?
of course it would.


Jen Glen said...

Flat-mates!?!?! Good word.

suzy said...


Marian said...

who's house is that?

suzy said...

marian: i don't know. some person's.