Thursday, April 15, 2010

a girly post in which i use the words "cute" and "shoes" too much

i had a semi-magical experience with shoes yesterday.
i went looking in that particular store for napkins, pink ones, for a bridal shower i'm throwing on saturday, and got somewhat distracted by the lost in the shoe aisle.
it's just incredibly hard to walk by without being sucked in. the shoes were like those sirens in that one greek myth, the name of which escapes me right now. the name of which i'll remember just as soon as i push "publish". isosceles? no, that's a triangle.
the odyssey.
that's it.
anyways. the point is not that.
the point is that i wandered in, gravitating naturally towards the bright yellow clearance sign, and that's when i saw them.
beautiful white shoes. high heels. [you know how i feel about high heels.] but they were still beautiful.
i'm poor, so i put them back.
impressed with my will power, i turned to leave.
and that's when i saw them.
beautiful brown shoes. even more beautiful than the white shoes. flats. [bonus.]
$15. 95
barclay would still be unimpressed with my spending. i didn't need new shoes. i put them back.
napkins. napkins was what i come fer, and napkins was what i's gonna git. i turned...
and that's when i saw them.
beautiful black shoes. the kind that would look so cute with ANYTHING.
here i stopped to ponder. it would seem that every time i put a pair down, the next pair i picked up was cuter and cheaper. i don't believe in magic, but i do believe in deductive reasoning, and at this rate this store was soon going to be paying me to take shoes home. cute shoes.
so of course i put those shoes down, and i kid you not: that's when i saw them.
teal blue canvas flats. just for me.
and i liked them enough to stop there. i'm wearing them now, in fact.
they're magic.
you know, in the loosest sense of the word.


cfoxes said...

Your will power astounds me.

dena said...

shoe magic...
If I could have any super power in the word, it definitely would be shoe magic.

Chess said...

What an amazing, surreal day! So jealous! ;-)

Allie said...

shoes. omg, shoes.

finding pretty shoes for $2.50 is 100% magic.

suzy said...

:) yes. a wonderful find indeed. and not too shabby comfort-wise either.

Morgana said...

I cant even imagine teal blue canvas shoes? maybe they don't exist here in melbourne? photo? (as in take one?!)

suzy said...

morgana: ok! i'll take one tomorrow when i'm not so sleepy. :)

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