Sunday, April 4, 2010

in the event that your first impression really is everything i may have to retire from meeting people as i'm getting exceedingly more bad at it part 3

blurt  (blûrt)  
tr.v.   blurt·edblurt·ingblurts
to utter suddenly and impulsively

i thought maybe i would eventually get better at first impressions, considering i've been practicing meeting people ever since i was a wee thing. 
it had to happen today. because yesterday, FIL said something along the lines of, "it's been a while since you've said something really stupid." 
and then my brain was like, "wow. FIL is right. i miss saying stupid things," and promptly took the next available opportunity to say something stupid, which happened to be this morning. that's the way life works, in case you didn't know. 
i ran into cheryl mckay this morning. she had a blonde girl with her, who i'd never met before but recognized from [gulp] facebook, where i'd noticed she was dating a guy i know named calvin*.
"suzy, this is my friend, alice*," cheryl explained.
instead of saying, "hi," or "hi, my name is suzy," or even, "i creepishly know who you are from pictures on facebook," [which, by the way, is definitely how i introduced myself to sharmane last week] i enthusiastically exclaimed, "oh, you're calvin's girlfriend!" 
i love to have a connecting point with a stranger. i imagined her saying, "YES! how do you know him?" and i'd explain how i knew him and say something good like, "he sure is a nice person," and we'd be instant pals and maybe even facebook buddies. 
but actually, if i imagine things going one way [right], they usually go a different way[wrong]. that's the way life works, in case you didn't know. 
because she got this strange look on her face and said, "um, no..."
cheryl made a startled face at me.
"well, not anymore..." alice clarified.
today i got to be one of those people who rub your recent break-up in your face. 

*names changed because i'm embarrassed


Hannah-Leanne said...

Does FIL stand for Barclay? You should tell him to stop instigating things like this. It really is all his fault for jinxing you.

Anonymous said...

Alice told her brother to tell his best friend to tell his Aunt Clara to tell me to tell you to really and truly not feel bad. Really and truly. Because this one time... Alice had a significantly worse moment. It was a lovely Sunday morning, much like today, and Alice saw an old friend whom she hadn't seen in quite some time. She HAD heard through the grapevine that this friend was engaged, and very excitedly rushed over to congratulate her. Never trust the grapevine to keep you current. Everything changed in that heartbeat. And, of course, the old friend was no longer engaged. To which Alice promptly apologized, but really.... it's already far too late. You can tell by the look on old friend's face. Your blunder is infinitely less awkward or foolish than Alice's. And Alice said, "how on earth were you to know otherwise?!" And also, "It was such a pleasure to meet you, and your sunshiny personality. and I still have the yellow daisy in my hair. thank-you!"


elena (a.k.a. suzy) said...

heehee, well tell alice: it was very nice to meet her too, and i'm glad she can understand my embarrassment. phew.
oh and hann: FIL stands for Friend-in-Law. (Barclay's best man, Jay). Barclay doesn't say mean things to me. that's FIL's job.

dedutchess said...

I refer to your blog on mine, if you don’t mind.
Thanks again.

I am a follower.