Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i like to make fun

i just saw a commercial for a product that sort of colors over your grey hairs, but not completely. so you can "look like you have experience, but like you're energetic at the same time!" (their words, not mine)
i wanted to make fun of it, but i'm terribly, terribly alone today.
that's pretty much why i have a blog.
so we have a product that "sort of" colors over your grey hairs. why not just buy and use half a bottle of hair color? or half a can of grey paint... or leave your hair the way it is? or dye it brown? i don't know, did we really need another option?
i'm going to invent a product that helps you to lose weight but not too much weight, so that you can "look festively plump, but like you're a supermodel at the same time".
or how about a product that helps you to get rid of zits, but not ALL your zits, or something that whitens your teeth but leaves them a little bit yellow.
people will buy anything, as long as you sell it right.


Hannah-Leanne said...

Umm, I def saw this exact commercial today and had the exact same reaction.
The best part was so now I look like I know what I'm doing and I can still do it.

rachiedragon said...

hahaha that commercial is the greatest!! i was a little confused to say the least the first time i saw it.. i'm with han "i look like i know what i'm doing and can still do it!"

Jen said...

If you only blog b/c you're alone, does that mean you're going to stop when you get married??! (Of course, just b/c you're married, doesn't mean you're going to spend 24/7 together. Sorry to burst your bubble if it was one.)

elena aka suzy said...

haha...i'm addicted. i don't think i'll ever stop. (what have i become?)

Crystal said...

I would SO buy the diet product! I want to be "festively plump"! heehee