Wednesday, May 20, 2009

something great about getting married

barclay came with me grocery shopping yesterday. we were wandering the cereal aisle together, one of those things we both get a kick out of (which is one of the reasons i like him a lot) when i realized something about what it really means to marry someone. like, beyond getting to live with him, and see him every day, and learning what ticks him off or what makes him happy. beyond learning how to be a good wife, and changing my name. even beyond getting to eat his cooking often (he is a more-stellar-than-me cook). it has this other perk: now, whenever i want to, i can say, "hey barclay, bet you 10 bucks i'm right." and if i'm right, he owes me 10 bucks. but if i'm wrong, it doesn't matter anyways, cuz we're gonna have a joint bank account.
that is cool.


Mrs. Wilson said...

haha! You're too funny.

Kjersti said...

It's true, that is a definite perk. Unless you're always right and have nothing to show for it.

MONJ said...

I love your blog! I will have to catch up on all of them!

elena aka suzy said...

aw thanks. :)
and kjersti, it's ok. i'm not