Thursday, May 28, 2009

gullible people are probably cooler in the end anyway

this girl, this girl who's named carmen, this girl who happens to be the daughter of my boss: she told me her dad (my boss -- keep up now or the story won't make any sense) hates cotton balls.
not just a little.
not just a little bit more.
but like, a lot.
she said, "you know what would be really funny, is if you went to staff meeting with cotton balls in your ears. it would make him squirm. he would hate it. ..he's pretty much OCD about cotton balls. you would drive him up the WALL. it would pretty much be the funniest thing you could do."
so, you know me.
i brought cotton balls, a lot of them, to work and handed them out to all the staff members. then, when it came time for staff meeting, we all paraded into the room with cotton balls in our ears. we were smirking, giggling, red faced and trying to remain calm. pretty much a bunch of bumbling fools. with cotton balls in our ears.
then we waited for that coveted reaction. the squirming. the OCD-ness. something.
he looked at us all blankly and asked why we had cotton balls in our ears.
and then we all stopped giggling and looked blankly back at him. then they all looked at me like, "why did you make us put cotton balls in our ears?"
i felt like an idiot.
well played, carmen, well played.


Anonymous said...

that is way way way too funny!

Mrs. Wilson said...

That is AWESOME. Way too hilarious. PFFFFFFFFFT!

rachiedragon said...

aww... haha u got played good.