Wednesday, June 3, 2009

that story about the drunk man in my bedroom

tj turned 24 on monday. that's wierd. for those that don't know, tj's my older brother. and he's the best dang older brother anybody ever had. he's got down's syndrome, so i guess he's different, but in this awesomely stellar way. when we were little he was always pulling amazing stunts [like crawling out of his second story bedroom window and hanging there for half an hour, or slamming a pie in my unsuspecting grampa's face], and messing up the house and causing my parents gray hairs.
one time, our neighbor was over for coffee with her little girl. me & my little sister were hangin out with the neighbor and her baby and my mom, when this police car screams into the yard, sirens blaring, and screeches to a stop in front of my dad's shop. we lived a good drive from the nearest police, so to see one out in the middle of nowhere was pretty exciting. i'm not gonna lie, i was thrilled. we watched through the window as the officer and my dad came running up to the house and burst through the door. the officer looked startled to see us sitting calmly at the kitchen table, obviously not in any trauma.
then he explained to us that there was a drunk man somewhere in our house, and that man had just called 911.
news to us. we didn't think we even had any alcohol in the house, let alone enough to get someone drunk. for that matter, we didn't know there was anyone else in the house to get drunk.
the officer asked where all our phones were.
that was back in the day where you only had like, one phone in the kitchen and one in the office. none of this crazy phone in every room business. oh, but i had one in my bedroom, cuz all i ever did (according to my mom) was talk on the phone. [but really, she talked on the phone more than me]
so we checked the office, no one there, and we were in the kitchen, so that left the phone in my bedroom.
a drunk man, in my bedroom! what was a drunk man doing in my bedroom? sleeping? playing with my polly pockets?
but then my mom remembered who else was upstairs: tj. he's not the most articulate guy, so i could see how 911 could make that mistake.
i went up and got him and we asked him if he'd been making phone calls and he said yes and we asked who he called and he said the police and we asked why and he said there were aliens in my bedroom. so really, he was trying to protect me. and that is why tj is the best dang older brother anybody ever had. happy birthday, teej.


Anonymous said...

Haha. That is great. There are so many good TJ stories.. Mr. President!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Aw! Happy Birthday to your older brother!!! He sounds like a pretty stellar older brother.