Saturday, January 15, 2011

inspired by a girl in california

casually flipping through the pages of the blog world today, i came acrost a post about how warm it was in california yesterday.
first, i felt jealous, then i reminded myself that i like winter now, and that summer will come soon enough.
but, for-pete's-sake-to-borrow-the-colloquialism, it's cold.
-21, -29 with the windchill. i saw our mailman yesterday, and he had a beard half made of beard hair, and half made of icicles.
i sat on my hands so that i wouldn't compulsively reach up and break off his icebeard. 

barclay clears snow for a living in winter, so he's been busy. yes, even with his gibbled finger, he worked an 11 hour day yesterday. me, me with the able hands, i went over to becky's house and listened to bjork and ate fresh cookies and drank peppermint tea with milk in it and gabbed and jawed about life and music and theology and pretty much unloaded my whole brain into her lap and left it there. 
because sometimes i just need to do that.
and that is why this post is so brainless. 
i'll go collect it again on monday.


anna p of just me. said...

i don't even try and remind myself that i like winter anymore, because, quite frankly, i don't.
i'm ready for summer.
luckily it starts getting wram in march, here, so i don't have as long of a wait as others!

i'm sending warm thoughts your way, love.

Kayla said...

My Californian friend posted a picture on her blog of her sitting in the green grass with her sandals off, and I had to curl up and meditate a little bit to remind myself that I like winter this year too.

Although, if I lived where you live (based on those pictures), I don't think it would be too hard to love winter, because BEAUTIFUL!

Carla said...

I read a post like that (maybe the same?)...and it made me a little jelly. Then I just became incredibly thankful that summer will come again....and that the misery will soon be over. For you too, even if you love winter now:)
Hope. It's the best part of being human.

Anonymous said...

hahaha this is hilarious. by the way, just wanted to let you know your comments regularly make me laugh out loud when i read them. and not in an attractive way; more like a snorting laugh that makes people stare.

thanks for brightening up my day. and jeez, that is COLD! but i would sure like to see an icicle beard in real life.

suzy said...

anna p: i think i'm getting the warm thoughts.
or the electric blanket is finally warming up, or both.
probably both.

kayla: it really is beautiful. i drove around with barclay the day i posted this and took 72 pictures of the snow with my camera phone! haha, so so SO pretty. even with a crappy camera.

carla: haha, i think it was the same post. i saw your comment on it. it's a small blogosphere after all. haha, well thanks for inspiring a blog post! i linked to you, but apparently the link is not showing up. i'll fix it.