Monday, January 17, 2011

how monday might go

i'll wear the same thing as i wore on saturday but it won't matter because i won't see any of the saturday people today. i'll probably be out of style, but i won't care because i won't know {i'm still watching project runway from 10 seasons ago}.
and i might not wash my hair. is that gross?

i will plan on finally mailing out the last of my Christmas presents, but probably won't get around to it til later in the week. my friends will worry that i don't love them, and then they will remember that i'm rarely on time with things like this. they might even be happy that i haven't changed, because everything is changing and things that stay the same are sometimes comforting.

ke$ha will get more radio play than the shins. ke$ha. that won't matter either though because i listen to instead of the radio. but it actually will matter a little bit because it's the principal of the thing. i will get a little bit mad.

i'll sit on the couch and watch my friends live their lives over the internet as they document every bit on facebook from waking up at 7 am to being mad that they are stuck at the grocery store behind a family of 12 who is doing their monthly shopping trip to being very happy that they married such a wonderful person. they will post shiny happy pictures and heartbreaking relationship status updates and i'll miss going for coffee with them and wonder how their smiles are when they're not posing for pictures. i'll think about calling them but i won't because i hate the telephone. i'll wonder if that's a good enough reason. i'll send a snail mail letter or two.

 i'll clean the house, while listening to the old brand new cd. i understand how that sentence might confuse you if you don't know that brand new is a band.

 i'll run out of dish soap. i'll run out of paper towel. i'll run out to the grocery store and slip on some ice. i'll run to the bakery, forgetting that it's closed on mondays. i'll stand in front of the door and look sad for half an hour in hopes that the baker will see me and bake me a loaf of whole wheat bread just because. i'll wish for croissants but i won't push my luck.

 i'll go for lunch with liz and to the craft warehouse with becky. because we're going to make a thing and i'll make supper for barclay and he'll like it even if it's not good.

 but first, i will eat brekkie and brush my teeth and doodle on a piece of paper i found on the floor.


la petite lydia said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. You're a great writer!

SarahAnn said...

Your Monday sounds fun. And a lot like my Monday. Except thankfully my favorite bakery/coffeeshop is open on Monday, so I think I'll go there.

Anonymous said...

thanks for making me smile on monday.

love the shins, love brand new, and i totally thought that sentence would confuse people before you explained it. haha!

and i regularly think that i could "sing" kesha's songs, which are really just talking with a beat in the background. just mispronounce a bunch of words such as "neck-a-lace" instead of just necklace.

Anonymous said...

Your first paragraph made me laugh because that is exactly me. I'll come up with a cute outfit that i like sometime on the weekend, and end up wearing it to work on a weekday. Love it!

And I am totally the same about the Facebook thing too! I'll silently read about their lives and wish them the best, but forget and/or are too lazy to reach out and give them a call, because I also can't stand talking on the phone.

anna p of just me. said...

i so feel like this today!
good luck with your day.
i hope its lovely.

amylou said...

love your thoughts!

good luck on making that...thing! haha

Emily Jane said...

I think you are just about the most unique and lovely blogger out there :)

So how WAS Monday?

suzy said...

lydia: shucks. that's my favourite thing i've ever heard a person say on the internet.

sarah ann: you're lucky. thank your lucky stars the bakery is open on monday there. i think you should cover a kesha song. maybe i'll do that this week with some spare time. i think that would be a worthwhile endeavour.

anonymous: :D indeed. i'm glad i'm not the only one.

anna p: why THANK you! it was lovely. :)

amylou: the thing is coming along, but it's not finished. we're going to make the rest of it next friday. i'll keep you posted.

emily jane: my goodness, that's a very nice thing to say. my monday was great! i got most of the things i thought i would get done done, and didn't get finished a lot of the things i thought i wouldn't. so. as expected, i suppose. :)

Becca said...

how did it go?
was it just like this?
I hope it turned out better than expected...
now I want to know!

leyla said...

I want my monday to be like this. Instead I'll be at my desk all day :(

Holly Knitlightly said...

I like you.

suzy said...

becca: haha, it was absolutely wonderful. kind of like this, but a little bit different in places. all the things that needed to happen did, and that's the important thing. :)

leyla: i hope your desk monday was lovely anyways.

holly: garsh. :D