Friday, December 3, 2010

sometimes when i'm sitting there i think about time

and about what life would be like if time went forwards and backwards.
if it were a glitchy, short-circuited thing that jumped and twitched and would sometimes work right but sometimes flip and send you back exactly to where you came from.

so i sit there, and i think about all the implications of that.
you'd relive some of the best days of your life, most likely also some of the worst. but you wouldn't be so scared of birthdays because you might have your 40th ten times over and someday be 20 again anyway. you could make decisions flippantly knowing that you might have a chance to make them over. it'd be easier to come to terms with the thought of losing somebody because you would most absolutely get them back at some point.

and then i think: what if you sneezed, and then time went backwards, to the beginning of your sneeze, and then forwards again--to the end of your sneeze--and then it got stuck in this loop and you just spent the whole rest of eternity sneezing?

that would be the ratsiest thing ever.

once somebody told me that if you lick the roof of your mouth right before you sneeze, your body will forget what it was about to do and stop in its tracks. that's right, i have the cure for sneeze. and it's not too good to be true, it really does work.
i keep forgetting about that rule, though, til just right after i sneeze, and by then it's too late.

i lick the roof of my mouth anyways though. just in case i get stuck in a time loop.


amylou said...

that remind me of the Time Traveler's Wife. Wow!

the cure?! I should have read this at like 2:00 today. It would have come in handy. Thanks for this though. It sounds brilliant. I hope it works.

p.s. If you are interested I have a giveaway going on at my blog right now.

Amylou <3

SarahAnn said...

But I LOVE sneezing.

iZaynab said...

(x Oh wow~ Thats would be cool, but get super annoying over time eventually~

Jessica Lynn said...

Sneezing feels really good right after you do it!! Haha.

chelsa said...

how DO u even come up with this stuff?! so good! just the chuckle i needed.

chelsa said...

how DO u come up with this stuff?! so good! just the chuckle needed. :)

amylou said...

Thanks for entering the giveaway Ms. Suzy! Good luck!!!

Jen Wilson said...

You're hilarious. I do the same roof-of-my-mouth thing. Most of the time, it works. :)

Stefany said...

haha this post made me laugh!!

suzy said...

amylou: i entered the giveaway! good luck ME!

sarahann and jessica lynn: reeeeally? mine are so violent, i get a headache. sigh. but never again! i have the CURE!

izaynab: hahaha oi. i don't know if i could handle it for even five minutes.

chelsa: mmm... nunno. welcome to my mind. :)

jen wilson: i'm completely thrilled about finding out about it. my sneezes are PAINFUL.

stefany: :D

Anonymous said...

Did you know that some really smart people including Albert Einstein have a theory about time not existing?

Blows my mind thinking about it!

- Erika

Lanah said...

I know I told you on Sunday that Licking the roof of my mouth does not stop my sneezes. But that conclusion was drawn way to prematurely. Upon further investigation, vigorous licking of one's oral palate, does in fact stop/ ward off the urge to sneeze. However, I have also found that if not done well enough it can also create more sneezes and have an adverse reaction. Happy palate licking!

suzy said...

erika: time is SUCH a crazy thing. i love all the different theories and stuff.

lanah: OH i'm SO glad it works for you. i felt like such a dirty rotten liar.
my conscience is CLEARED.