Tuesday, November 23, 2010

snow angles

yesterday, crystal kimber inspired me. you can read the post here, a lovely post all about winter and unspoiled snow and--the very thought--snow angles.

now, barclay loved math in high school, so snow angles should be a thing right up his alley--and i'm on my mission to love all things winter, so i should probably take up playing in the snow, i think. 
by that logic, of course, snow angles are the perfect couple bonding activity for us.

he was out shoveling the walk, and it was only minus 12--not bad for november 23--so i quickly sewed some new buttons on my boots [that's what you get for shopping at giant tiger] and rushed out to meet him.

oh, the fun! we made right snow angles,

acute snow angles, 

obtuse snow angles, 

and even full body snow angles. 

we bonded over math and winter.
mm, my two favorite things. thanks, crystal!


Jessica Lynn said...

Ahh! I'd probably not survive in Canada! :P

becca. said...

this is hilarious. GAHHHHH and I am so jealous of all the snow you have! I was born and raised in the northeast and am used to tons of snow, but since I moved to the midwest I don't see much anymore :/ I wish snow could survive living in a bubble envelope...

amylou said...

haha! I read it wrong at first. Then had to go back and read that yes...indeed..you did really mean "angle" instead of "angel".

Alpha Monkey said...

My 7 year old is doing his homework with a protractor next to me as I read this. He LOVED the post...can't wait to share the project wit the rest of the 2nd grade class!

Jen Glen said...

You're hilarious! That angle sure was "a-cute" one! Now I'm hilarious.

Steph said...

Oh my gosh this is the cutest post ever :) I wish we had snow!!

Anonymous said...

haha...ok, so maybe I should proof-read before I post. But hey, if it inspires you, I'm fine with that :)

bebe bird beck said...

hahah You're so cute.

And how crazy to be in 90 degree weather one week and then this the next!
I'm super excited for snow though.

JTay said...

If I was a math teacher I'd totally do this. :)

JTay said...

If I was a math teacher I'd totally do this. :)

Paige Baker said...

You make me laugh so much. I just want to make snow angles with you all day long.

Alexa Raye said...

Cute. Love the "snow angles".

Emily Jane said...

This was ADORABLE!! I'm not a math person but my boy is - I may have to suggest this idea over the weekend... :)

Kyla Roma said...

This is my new favourite thing, love it!! You guys are adorable :)

nova said...

HAHAHA angles. That's awesome.

Katie said...

Ah it looks like fun! England is set for snow this week, so maybe I'll join in with the snow angels!

Ashlee said...

I happen to hate math, but I love your snow angles. So. Cute.

Holly Knitlightly said...


Please send some snow to Ontario.

suzy said...

jessica lynn: only the strong do... yeah. that would be me.

steph and becca: well you can come up here and grab some--my front yard is plumb full!

jen glen: you are. it's true. you should tell more jokes. {haha}

amylou: hahaha, yes. i did. mostly just to make fun of crystal, who didn't. {it's ok, we go way back}

alpha monkey: hahaha i would love to see pictures of 7-year-olds making snow angles. :)

bebe bird beck: i KNOW hey?? it's nuts. i still had a tiny bit of a sun burn on my shoulders when we did this!

crystal: you've always inspired me. i love spelling mistakes. LOVE them.

jtay: me too. maybe i could be a guest math teacher someday..


alexa: why thank you! :)

kyla: well i hear you're gettin snow over there too--you'll have to make some angles of your own! they're so much fun.

nova: :D

emily: well did you?

katie: do it. they don't take half as much commitment as snow angels, because you don't have to lay in the snow if you don't want to.

holly: i'll have to figure out how much for shipping. it might weigh less when it gets there than when i send it, so i think i'm entitled to some sort of discount.

ashlee: (i hate math too)

Lorraine said...

Dear Elena Suzy,
I just found your blog thanks to my soul mate, Alpha Monkey. I think you and I might be sisters, even though I'm old enough to be your grandmother. I can't wait to show this post to MY 7 year old.

suzy said...

lorraine--haha, thank you! :D i'm glad you found me!