Thursday, November 25, 2010

i'm thankful that...

...canada has our thanksgiving in october.

because yesterday i had popcorn popped in rancid oil and it made my tongue taste like metallic scum and then the headlights on my car died right before i needed to drive in the dark and then i completely lost my car keys anyway [my car is still parked on the other side of town] and my phone died while i was trying to call barclay to come get me.

oh silly me. 

i'm thankful for popcorn and for a car and for a cell phone and for my friend, karz, who let me use her phone, and for barclay, who did eventually come get me and for rosemary triscuits for taking the taste of rancid oil out of my mouth and throat.

and really, it's been a completely colossal week. i had a couple of those coffee dates where you sit there for hours and hours and talk about every single thing possible and leave feeling like your brain got a polish and deep-tissue massage. barclay had some time off and we got to hang out and play in the snow and drink coffee and watch full house. we went for supper and our hosts let us eat dessert first. we wondered why we don't always do that, and might from now on. because really, WHY NOT? we left there with full tummies and another deep-tissue brain massage and polish.

seriously, my brain feels like it's going to bloom daisies. i have a lot to be thankful for. so.
three cheers for americans and their late holidays. i'll celebrate with you all.

but i think i still have to go to work.


Briana said...

You're so amusing!!! I'm glad your complications got all sorted out and your little dates sound adorable and I'm glad your brain is squeaky clean and in tip-top shape.

And thanks for being one of those considerate people who like to celebrate things even when they've already celebrated them a month ago. But hey! Who doesn't like bonus celebrations!?

hehe I love your blog

Emily Jane said...

"where you sit there for hours and hours and talk about every single thing possible and leave feeling like your brain got a polish and deep-tissue massage" - this made me smile, because it reminded me of a good friend who's away for school right now who's coming back home in a month's time - those were our summer nights, and a "brain massage" is a fantastic way of looking at such wonderful moments :)

head over heels said...

i absolutely love this post, so much better then the 'i'm thankful for my family, friends, health etc.' not that i'm not thankful for those things just that there are other things, like popcorn, that i'm thankful for too! x

Anything but Bland said...

I know a lot of people from canada since moving to Urbana, IL ( 1.5 hrs away from chicago). There are lots of them from Toronto. I really want to visit Canada :)

love, polly :)

bebe bird beck said...

hahah.. but I still have to go to work.
I love good talks with good friends! perfect.
Sorry about the nasty oil/car problems though. You're cute.

Jillian said...

Owen's parents always celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, and our regular Thanksgiving---and we never complain--TWICE the food. I am all about that :)

suzy said...

emily jane: those kinds of friends are so dang good eh? :)

briana: haha, well yeah...i like celebrating. i don't know why we all don't celebrate both thanksgivings!

anything but bland: you absolutely should! i quite like it. a bit nippy this time of year you might want to wait til june. :)

head over heels: aw thanks! :D

jillian: oh man--again, why don't we all do that? double the holidays, food, and family.

bebe bird beck: :D