Sunday, November 21, 2010

happy: a paper rant


Paige Baker said...

The nickelback comment killed me.
Love this.

row said...

i looooooove your paper rants. they always make me think! perhaps i shall try one myself someday!

danny.elle. said...

amen. to "epic". amen. to nickleback. :)

Hannah-Leanne said...

Also, I worried about what to do with my face when attending funerals or talking about nickleback.

So good.

Anonymous said...

Suzi, I love these. love them. I think your blog is quickly becoming my favorite. I like hearing cute little stories about you and barclay (the other day in my kitchen i dropped something, and caught it and wished I had someone I could say "Im a jungle cat!" to. actually, I wished I was that clever) and I like your paper rants- a LOT. its like a good joke.. everyone can relate to what your saying, we just didn't have the talent to put it into words (or the artistic ability to draw it) annnnd I like the photos you take of yourself making different cute faces.

so much fun.

amylou said...

I love this!
you are wise Ms. Suzy!

Alpha Monkey said...

I'm with you. They both show a limited emotional range. It's just that they each have learned different behavior patterns to get through their day. One got attention for being pissed off, the other when she was bubbly. Both of them are self-regulating to avoid their authentic emotional damages. I guarantee it.

I'll take an honest change of emotions any day!

Chess said...

Nickelback is indeed awful. I never get happy listening to them. :-)

Jen said...

Your insight is "epic". Hehe.

Alexa Raye said...

I agree! Especially with the Nickleback part.

suzy said...

alpha monkey: hahaha, i love the very professional analysis of it all.

amylou: aw thanks. :)

karlekgirl: wow--thank you very much! i'm glad you enjoy my silly ramblings. i love blogging, nerdy as that may be.

hannah-leanne: when you come home, can we have a party and listen to band of horses and do a vlog for our blog?

danny.elle: cheers. here it comes: the only time you should ever hear the words "epic" and "nickleback" in the same sentence. there it was.

row: please do! i would love that.

paige: i'm sorry for killing you.

chess: inDEED. why do they get radio play?

jen: oh, you're funny. look at you. :)

alexa: haha, it would seem nobody likes nickleback. how are they still selling out concerts?

Emily Jane said...

I adore your blog. And bonus points for the use of the word "magnanimously" :)

Jillian said...

Another great paper rant :)
I just want to come to Canada and hang out.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Hahahaha I LOLed at the Nickleback part. And so many people over-use the word "epic"! Baaaaaaah.

Ashlee said...

this is a whole new level of paper perfection. LOVE.

suzy said...

emily jane: aw thanks. :) i love bonus points. and i love YOUR blog!

jillian: it would! make it happen--get your husband a tour up here!

holly: i'm glad you think's a fine word, i just don't think people recognize what it means versus what they're saying it about!

ashlee: aw shucks! :D