Saturday, November 20, 2010

mercy buckets

hoh! i need to thank people and then hurry to bed so i can get up at 4 am tomorrow morning!

thank you, marcie. for showing me these:

shot by french photographer, sacha goldberger. 

his 91-year-old hungarian grandmother, frederika, was feeling a wee bit "blue"...
and what better way to cheer up your 91-year-old hungarian grandmother frederika?

that'd do it, i'm sure.

you can see the rest of the collection here. make sure you thank marcie too.
if you don't know marcie, i can pass your thanks on for you.

and thank you biscuit, for your lovely post today. you made me feel like a rock star.


Brandi said...

These are rad and gave me a nice little chuckle before bed

Anonymous said...

adorable photos! and you are welcome, you are a rock star.

Amyschmamey said...


kelly ann said...

oh. my. gosh. these are so AWESOME. i'm amazed. coolest old lady of all TIME.

row said...

these are epically, awesomely, wonderful! (woo! i used the words epic AND awesome all in one sentance... and i think its legit too!)

Marcie said...

I deserve no credit! but I certainly enjoyed looking at this pictures many times over :)

suzy said...

brandi, amyschmamey: yep, fairly awesome. i wish i was this photographer...or this old lady.

biscuit: awww...youtoo.

row: in this instance, it might just be legit.

marcie: but if not for you, i'd never have found them! thaaaank you.

Holly Knitlightly said...

aHAHAHAH!!! These are amazing!