Sunday, November 14, 2010

one week later

honey, i'm home.

i hope you had a nice week. i did, except that i'm terribly paranoid and thought i was going to die this week at least one time per day, sometimes several. especially on friday.
i took some pictures with my trusty new disposable camera and, as per usual, my cell phone. i'm still waiting for the nice camera fairy to light on my windowsill and endow me with an xlr3000000025qpr super supreme with five different lenses and a fancy carrying bag and the skills to use it but for now, these will have to do.

a nifty van i found parked right in the exact perfect spot.

 a boat we lived on for a week.

enter sandman. 
[underneath the sand is a barclay.]

 a colossal sunset painted just for me, probably.

 miami, too cool for school.

 my family playing by the ocean.

the winner of my personal pretend graffiti awards.

 i spy with my little eye, a boat. can you see it?

 they are nice for laying in. getting out is the pits.

 my sister took this. to me, it symbolizes strength. 

 my sister also took this. moving sidewalks are the most.

 i'd never seen a tightrope walker before. i almost peed my pants. 
(at first there, i accidentally typed, "i almost peed his pants." pretty impossible, as you can see how high up his pants actually are.)

i have to go get ready for church. i'll talk at you later, and maybe post more pictures, if you don't mind. haaaave a nice day, and you stay classy blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

is that Jamaica i see? i went there years ago. gorgeous place!

Hannah-Leanne said...

Okay missy. What's with this? Did I miss that you were leaving the country, let alone on a vacation?

Jessica Lynn said...

Awww, I love cruises!! Looks like you had a fun time :)

Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!!!!! You went on a cruise?!?!?! Lucky :)

Nell said...

Completely fab images xx

Jen Wilson said...

Oh FUN!!!

Where did you take the boat from? It looks like you were in Prince Rupert maybe??

Glad you got some sun!!!

The Lilac Rabbit said...

I think your photos came out great! Looks as if you had lots of fun.

Jen G-son said...

eek!!!! I'm SO JEALOUS! And you're SO PRETTY! Can I have your hair? Not like a lock of it, but the whole thing? I can glue it to my old hair...that'll be alright...right?
Okay less creepy, that looks like a blast. I love your photography skillz!

Jen Glen said...

That looks absolutely perfect!!! Man, I cannot WAIT for our own hot getaway! Can't wait for the next post! ;)

Elly said...

That's so awesome! What a brilliant holiday (omg - I can't believe that tight rope walker! Madness!)

somewhat nameless said...

These photos are simply fantastic! ♥

AmberDenae said...

These are AMAZING! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Oh and I live In Pensacola, FL. In the panhandle :) Where were you exactly?

Ashlee said...

Those photos are pretty dang phenomenal considering you're not shooting with a xlr3000000025qpr. Because that's what I shoot with and sometimes my pictures are absolute crap.

Welcome home!

Emmy said...

Wow, what a great trip! I would just like to say, that I am very happy that you clarified for me that it was indeed Barclay beneath the sand. Because I was scared.

amylou said...

well these photos are awesome, disposable or not.
but just the same, can you send that fairy my way if she pays you a visit. tell her I will make her a brownie in exchange for that camera. k.
that tighrope walker is amazing!!
p.s. you are adorable and so is your sandman.

suzy said...

jen: well thanks! and we actually took it from miami. :)

nell: thank you! :D

crystal: yis. and i think that should be lith's next endeavor...

jessica lynn: ME TOO. as of last week.

hannah: oh. well. yeah. see. we actually didn't tell anyone. i know that sounds weird,'s true. no good reason.

biscuit: not jamaica...but i'd love to go there sometime! these were taken in the bahamas. :)

somewhat nameless: aw thanks! :D

elly: it WAS madness--i hyperventilated the whole tme. i could never marry a tightrope walker.

jen glen: i think we were made for warmer climates.

jen g-son: hahahaha, you're too nice. :) and sure, you can have my hair, as long as i get a nice wig something.

lilac rabbit: well thanks. :) i did have a swell time!

emmy: i'm sorry for scaring you.

ashlee: i've never seen a picture of yours that's absolute crap. or even anywhere close.

amber: aw thank you! we were in miami--is that close?

amylou: i will absolutely send you the fairy. but don't hold your breath; i have a feeling it's either dead or imaginary. :(

Holly Knitlightly said...

Hahaha best captions ever. I'm glad you didn't die!!

bebe bird beck said...

it looks like you had an amazinnnng time!! So so beautiful.
I was so sad to have to come home. :[

suzy said...

holly: ME TOO.

bebe bird beck: MEEEEE TOOOOO.