Sunday, November 7, 2010

i'm wide awake it's [4:30 in the] morning

i might not blog very much this week. i might, but i might not. and i'm not going to do that post afterwards that everyone does where they're all like, "i'm sorry i've been neglecting my blog,"
because i'm doing that post now:

i'm sorry i've been neglecting my blog. [in the future.]

though i'm not sure why we do this post: is anyone out there in cyberspace actually going to be mad at someone else for not writing on their blog? in any case, if you do get mad at me, how about you click one of those buttons on the side or something and leave scattered comments on very old posts from 2008 when i worked at staples and hated my life, pretending i posted them this week.

oh look at that, it's 4:44 am. i should probably get on with my day now; the world is spinning on without me.

have a looooovely week.


Sydney said...

i remember reading about when the pumpkin caught on fire but it really didn't. hahaaaa

Allie said...

maybe no one will actually be mad that you're not blogging, but i will miss your posts!

Amber Rose said...

Have a lovely week, sweat pea. ;)

Amber Rose said...

ps: You are the bomb diggity.

I know, I know.

Anonymous said...

Up so early? Whatever for? Have a fabulous week (whatever you're planning on doing}!!!!!

Jen G-son said...

yowza, a different Suzy at 4am :) Sometimes, I get hurt when I get no comments, but that's just my large ego.

The Lilac Rabbit said...

Sometimes people blog everyday and then nothing for a week, two weeks. I worry about people that are regular bloggers and then suddenly stop. Maybe that's silly. I'll entertain myself with your archives.

erin :) said...

Hahaha. You always make me smile. :) I've been doing the "neglect" post in almost every one of my posts recently. But that's a nice idea to look at older posts in the mean time! Very witty thinking! Good luck with whatever is keeping you busy. :) And get some sleep my friend! ;)

Jen said...

It's YOUR blog. Blog whenever you want! I'll still read whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly.


selim k├Âroglu said...

i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and follow

amylou said...

=) You are too cute! Have a good blog break!

Emily Jane said...

Haha I had a similar experience last week when I was offline for pretty much the whole week sick, and I had to smack myself in the face for worrying about not blogging because nobody REALLY cares if I blog every week or not, and there are sometimes more important things :)

Looking forward to having you back though

Kiersten said...

I don't know how this happened, but I had no idea you were going away this week...yikes. Talk about bad friend. ;)

Holly Knitlightly said...

Haha it's so true. Who would really be mad about someone not blogging for a while?

wichser studio said...


stumbled onto your blog somehow and i totally get you.

have a good one :)

suzy said...

wichser studio: well THANKs! you have a good one too, ok? :)

holly: well i hope no one..but maybe one person, way out there in russia, will. and i'd feel just awful.

kiersten: you are FAR from a bad friend. i can't wait til friday--i have you penciled in in red. :)

emily jane: well thanks! but it's funny hey? blogs are so addicting. i'm happy you're not sick anymore and are blogging again. i'm catching up on my blog reading and your page is pulled up in the window to read next!

amylou: thanks ma'am! :) (in the future speaking for the past)

selim: thanks! your art on your blog is so neat...

jen: well ok. good. phew. good.

erin: haha, thanks! :D i really liked your most recent post.

lilac rabbit: it's true hey? you're like, what. they always blog. why aren't they blogging? where are they? what are they doing that's more important than blogging? mental breakdown. pretty much.

crystal: well i think it's too late now to reply to this..

amber: well i did! your wishes were well received, i guess!

allie: aw, that's sweet. thanks. :)

sydney: you might just be one of the elderliest readers of this blog hey? that was forEVER ago! :D