Monday, November 15, 2010

david crowder interview

here, before i say anything, listen to these:

do you know of david crowder?
well, luckily for you, two weeks ago while brushing my teeth i decided, in between spits, to interview him so that, even if you've never heard of him, you can knowledgeably spout useless information about him to your friends/boss/parents/sister/bus driver. and luckily for me, once i decide to do something, i do it.
and so i did.

here is an excerpt from our conversation.

i opened by saying my hihowareyous, and then saying something about how his songs and music videos were brilliant--because they absolutely are. i didn't want to sound like too much of a suck-up though, and besides, famous people are just people with the word "famous" in front, so we cut pretty quick to the q&a section of the interview. my first question was in light of all of his previous song-writing experience.

me: if you could take credit for having written any song, book, or--
dc: happy birthday.
me: what. just cuts me off--you didn't let me finish my question.
dc: oh, sorry. go on.
me: ok. if you could take credit for having written any song, book, or movie, what would you pick?
dc: mmm...yeah.  i'm sticking with happy birthday.
me: really. any book. ANY movie. there are a lot of good books out there. a lot of good songs...
dc: yes, but what of them has brought as much happiness to people all around the world for ages and ages as happy birthday? happy birthday. i pick happy birthday. definitely.
me: ok.

i thought this answer was sub-par, for the record. i was hoping for a deep literary reference or obscure hard-to-watch indie movie, or even a track off a gaither's album. but nope, there it was. happy birthday. he continued to defend his answer, but i just shook my head, and launched into my next question, hoping he'd do better with it, because after all--did you watch that first music video?

me: so david, you're invited to a halloween party--
dc: thank you.
me: yeah, ok, so you're invited to this halloween costume party, and you can use whatever props you want--money is no object, and neither is reality. you want to be a cave man and bring a dinosaur, you can; you want to be a surfer and bring the ocean, you can: what would you be?
dc: wow. wow. uh..i don't think...i've ever been asked that before. good. good question. wow. um....

here i wait patiently. i mostly look at his beard a lot. 

dc: ok. i know this is going to sound like a safe answer, and maybe boring, probably, but i, actually, would be a firefighter.
me: a firefighter. happy birthday, and a firefighter. really.
dc: ok, ok, but my props would be a firetruck--a firetruck and one of those dogs that always ride around in firetrucks. that would be pretty cool, i think.
me: oh, well ok. well that'd be good then. and fire?
dc: i'm worried about the fire. i don't think i'd have fire.
me: no? you're a fireman. you can bring any, any prop, and you wouldn't bring some fire? a dog and a truck, no fire. happy birthday, and a fireless firefighter.
dc: no, i don't think that'd be very safe.
me: you could get someone to hold a lighter and walk around the party and you could occasionally put it out, if you wanted.
dc: OH! yeah. yeah, i'd do that. that'd be ok, i'm sure.
me: my sister here, she could do that for you.
dc: she could wear a fire-retardant suit and we could set her on fire for the night, i suppose, hey? if she was willing?
me: you went from being afraid to have fire to setting my little sister on fire. extreme. but yeah, if she's willing. sure.

we worked on the logistics of that for a bit. for the sake of not dragging this on, next question:

me: ok. so last question.
dc: go for it.
me: ok, so say you meet yourself walking down the street, and you're still yourself, but so is the you that you meet. right?
dc: right...?
me: ok. so you talk to yourself for about an hour: from this first impression, what do you think is the strangest thing about yourself?
dc: you need to reword that question. you should ask me, "what do you think is not strange about yourself"...and then i probably would have a very hard time answering that.

i thanked him for his time and we went our separate ways. i was glad to know him a little bit better, but wanted to get my little sister safely away from him, lest he start her on fire. 


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?!?! You met / conversed with David Crowder while in Miami? That's too funny...all the fun stuff happens to you :)

April said...

How on EARTH did you score an entire conversation with David Crowder?

Color me jealous.

Amber Rose said...

Heck yes!

Joni said...

nice! This brought me much joy!

JTay said...

1. I love the use of a Lite Brite. Such a powerful artistic medium.

2. Umm... really? Did you seriously meet David Crowder? And did your conversation seriously go mostly like this? I just feel like this might be some clever little Suzy trick (you do that) that only the smart kids get, and I don't get it.

Jen Glen said...

Okay, you put that guy through the wringer!! Poor David. I think he was a bit confused and dumbfounded and what I wouldn't give to read a blog entry that he wrote about the cute little blonde interegator he met on the cruise! And I would also have to disagree with you on your first statement that you did it b/c you decided to do it. Did you not tell me you did it b/c you told ME you were going to do it?! :) I wish I could have been there...and may I also just say, who knew that voice went with that face!! Never in a million years would I have put them crack me up.

suzy said...

crystal: heehee, yes, it was nice.

april: i just asked him. he was very agreeable.

amber rose: :D

joni: :D!

justine: 1. i agree the lite brite thing was amazing. a-maz-ing.
2. yes and yes. honest, i promise. there's pictures! how do you not believe me? plus, i have the whole conversation written down on a napkin, and my sister was there as my witness. so. i promise.

jen: how could i have told you i was going to do it before i decided? i believe our conversation was me telling you that i'd decided to interview david crowder. am i right? i am.

amylou said...

If I could have had a conversation with him, I would hope it could be as cool as this one!!

Happy Birthday?! but even still....awesome.

Glad you sis is safe though!!!

p.s. When I met Barlow Girl...I said nothing that made since, so therefore, I admire your ability to keep your cool.

amylou said...

p.p.s. you should have asked him what happened to his squirrel?!

amylou said...
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Jen Glen said...

Yes, you did tell me you had decided to do it, but don't you remember our conversation in the church foyer? You said, "I'm glad I told you I was going to do it or I wouldn't have done it!" Am I right? I am.

Anonymous said...

ahaha you just decided to interview him eh? How did you find him?! Regardless, I am impressed with your determinism!
Can you pick another musician to interview?...

ps. your vacation photos are SO good!! Makes me desire warm, rather than the Snow we are getting in southwestern Canada on sunday...

kelly ann said...

david crowder is rad! i can't believe you got to meet him... thanks for sharing it with us. :)

suzy said...

amylou: haha, you're so funny. i don't know what happened with that comment disappearing and then reappearing. oh blogger. what the heck.

jen glen: ok. i just meant at the root of it, i decided to do it while brushing my teeth. two wednesdays ago. for izz.

karlekgirl: haha, well i knew he was going to be on the same cruise ship as me the following week. so once there, i just hunted him down. i'm pretty determined. :D ALSO: you live in southwestern canada?? me too. whereabouts??

kelly ann: he is indeed. :D so is your photography. i still can't get over the engagements you just posted. (!!)

Anonymous said...

i looked at the photos, was it a christian musician cruise?! thats insanity! how excellent!!!

I live in Ontario... which is not all that exciting if you ask me... are you more out west?

Holly Knitlightly said...


suzy said...

karlekgirl: yeah, something like that. :) kind of a music festival on the ocean. pretty fun.

holly: :)

Jillian said...

no offense to David Crowder---but when the girl interviewing you is cooler than you, you need to amp up your answers. You came at him like a spider monkey with those questions and he did not deliver up a homerun. I give him a C average for this interview. Way to knock it out of the park with your questions Suzy :)

Jillian said...

and what was the deal with me putting a bunch of sports illustrations in my comment? haha.

suzy said...

jillian: hahaha you sports nut, you. i could tell how much you love them from your blog {haha}. :)