Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the dawn of a new era and a gnome

it usually takes me 10 minutes to drive to work. today, due to a malicious snow storm, it took me 45, meaning i was about half an hour late. and when i got there, i found this:

i'd never seen one in real life before and now here it was, standing on the kitchen counter for no good reason, staring amicably at me with unblinking blue eyes. plasticine, or whatever, has never made me feel so unsettled.

but the point is not that.
the point is that i have decided not to hate winter anymore.

i've spent my whole life either dreading or hating that fourth and foulest season, kvetching and grouching, making lists of reasons and more reasons to fuel into full-fledged flame my loathing fire, angry january tears hardening into delicate ice crystal droplets on my frost-bitten cheek [yes, it really is that bad]. [it really is.]

but last night, i decided that the winter of 2010/11 is going to be different. and i have a game plan: i am going to pretend to love it until i actually do.
i'm going to talk all the time about how beautiful it is, how clean it feels, how cozy i feel looking out at it, how fun it is to bundle up, yada yada yada. i'm going to make myself sick.

and i'm going to vomit cheery little snowflakes.

so here it is, my very first reason that i just love winter:
1. i can wear mittens. do you know what this means? this means my germophobic self can actually touch things in public! door handles, arm rests, handrails;  a whole new world has opened up to me!


Jessica Lynn said...

I hate winter down here in Ohio! I can't imagine Canada!! Kudos to you, Suzy...for saying you love winter. Haha

Miss Wendy said...

Maybe I should try this way of thinking because right now winter is my most loathed enemy.

lydia. said...

when i first saw that picture...i thought it was a california raisin. just thought you should know!


Anonymous said...

Very scary gnome. And gloves are the shit.

amylou said...

haha! This post made me crack up! That brilliant! Can you teach me to love summer?! Cause I hate surface of the sun weather (technically like 102-107 degrees is all) But no fun!!! And I don't have a pool. =(
You should take photos of everything you touch with your mittens, just to be completely random for no good reason!

..lauren.. said...

ha-ha i know exactly where that gnome came from. like from the beginning of it all, i knew it when it wasn't a brown gnome. haha priceless..

Zack said...

I personally love Winter, the snow, and cold in general! :D

Anyway, have you ever considered carrying a flame-thrower with you? I'm sure you could clear snow pretty quickly using one of those. :p

Therese said...

AMAZING! I hate winter, too. Maybe I should do this challenge with you!

suzy said...

jessica lynn: well thanks. it is rather courageous of me, i know.

miss wendy: it was the only alternative i could think of to being miserable for the rest of my life. try it and let me know how it turns out for you.

biscuit: i know right? it looks like it knows stuff. i hate when inanimate objects look like they know stuff.

lydia: haha, that comment made me snort-laugh. oh the california raisins...i do see the resemblance. :)

amylou: you can maybe learn to love summer the way i'm learning to love winter: fake it til you make it friend!

zack: me too, i love winter too.
and i'm not allowed flame throwers in the city i live. :(

suzy said...

aaaaand therese: yes please. let me know how it works for you. we'll be winter-loving friends.

suzy said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand lauren: i know you know. haha, and i know too. he said he brought it in from his car cuz it was too cold out there. your brother is wierd.

The Lilac Rabbit said...

I've never lived in a place that has "real" winter, but I will soon be moving to one... in December.

J said...

I live in Ohio. I started liking winter when I bought an ankle-length down coat. Now NOTHING stops me.

I started liking summer when I realized that sleeveless t's allowed my armpits to breathe, and so I bought a bunch of them. Sorry if that's gross to anyone, but seriously I felt suffocated in even the shortest sleeves.

It's all about adapting.

Jen Glen said...

That sounds like Craig's philosophy. If he doesn't like to eat something, he'll just keep on eating it until he likes it! Ask him, he did with a whole bunch of foods, and now the only thing he doesn't like is liver! (But who likes that anyway?)

Holly Knitlightly said...

Snow? Already? I love the winter... I'm not exactly sure why (could be because my birthday is in December?) but... I just LOVE it. I hope that this year you talk yourself into actually loving it! Haha.

deb adams said...

suz, it's hard to explain... but i think is one of my favorite posts of yours :) you rock, sis.

Jen G-son said...

Good luck.. after living in Hawaii for five years, I can't handle cold :(

suzy said...

lilac rabbit: yikes. be prepared--you're not moving to canada i hope. that would be not a fun "first winter" experience.

J: haha, it IS totally about adapting. and having a good attitude. but it really would be easier if i didn't live in CANADA. i mean, i love winter.

jen glen: indeed! it's such a mind game. isn't it crazy how much power there is in positive thinking? oh my goodness, i sound loopy. but it's true.

holly: oh yes. it always snows here in october, sometimes september. sometimes june [well, only a couple times that i can remember. but still.] but yes, birthdays usually do have an effect on what seasons you like--mine's june, haha!

aw deb. thanks. :)

i mean, i love winter.