Thursday, August 5, 2010

suggestions on how to obtain women for the gym

it turns out "how to pick up a woman" advice is in these days. since this post, i've had numerous requests for more. i scoured my resources [the website i found in a spam email], hoping to find advice for you on how to pick up a woman at the gym.
i was not dissapointed. an excerpt from an article on this very subject:

Let me tell you, when you learn how to meet a girl in a gym it can be a pretty fun experience. There are tons of girls in a gym just waiting for you to learn how to meet a girl in gym like them. Sure gym is for gaining new muscles, but it is also for gaining new lifelong friends.

some tips, quoted directly from someone who obviously has a lot of practise in looking for love in all the strong places:

1. If she gets mad at you then it's ok. Don't go begging forgiveness unless you really did something wrong because that's needy.

2. Most men wait until they have loads of cash to date women. I will tell you right now that if women are dating you for your loads of cash then that sucks.

3. Most people get anxious before approaching a girl. That's ok just imagine how you are about to rock her world.

4. Check out other gyms other than just your own gyms. Just because there are a lot of girls where you are doesn't mean there aren't anywhere else.

5. Never get involved with an annoying girl.

i thought i would add my own number 6:

6. try to approach a girl who is lifting weights and say something suave and witty like such as: "if you were a dumbbell, i'd pick you up." hopefully she will concentrate more on the witty play on words and less on the you comparing her to a dumbbell.

anyways. i should let you go practise. let me know how these work for you.

[UNRELATED TO THIS POST: it was rebecca st. james, for those of you who were wondering. i will not elaborate.]


Chantelle said...

HA! "like such as" ;) ...Love it!

Chess said...

I canNOT wait to go back to school, cos that means one of my most favorite things in the world: already-paid-for people watching at the gym. Pretty sure those guys use this advice. *snort*

Jillian said...

His family lived in Trochu (sp?)a really small town apparently?

And really random thing, totally unrelated to your post and more related to your last paper rant:

My husband's friend recently dated Rebecca St. James. HAHA! true story. and true funny. They dated like a year ago for about 6 months. When he told me I couldn't stop laughing. I'm not really sure why.

Booga said...

I looooooooove your banner at the top. Tres jolie! Did you draw it?

Ughhhhhhh, I hate being picked up on randomly, especially at the gym. Too funny.

Anything but Bland said...

oh my goodness I was just looking through your music: DEAD POETIC! haha I used to LOVEEEE them! Also, Modest Mouse, Vampire Weekend, and The Postal Service! (granted, those are rather well known bands...) but hey! nice taste in music!

Following you back :)

my giveaway closes at 12PM tonight!! You should enter if you haven't had the chance!


love, polly

Anything but Bland said...

i also added your button! check it out! :)

Cara said...

SO awesome.
Especially how there are more girls at other gyms.
And how if a girl is dating you just for your money then that sucks. xD
OH I love these picking up women things.

suzy said...

booga: why yes, thanks! :) the original is here:
anything but bland: [polly, right?]: i entered! i'm going to win, i swear! and, i'm so glad you like[d] dead poetic. cara likes[d] them too, right cara? so good.

JTay said...

"...just imagine how you are about to rock her world."

erin :) said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the follow! I'm excited to be a new follower of your blog! :D I hadn't really thought of the gym as such an interactive place but I enjoyed this post! :D

Erin :)

Briana said...

heheehhehehehehehe Can... can I apply these tips when I try picking up guys?

suzy said...

erin: thank YOU for the follow. :) welcome here!
briana: hm. you know, i think these definitely apply to women picking up men too.
go for it. let me know. :D