Friday, August 6, 2010

ratsiest rats-zorz! and a wee list of two

i have gotten a few emails lately saying things like such as but not necessarily:
"i hate you because i commented on your post and you didn't publish said comment so i'm assuming you don't respect/don't care about/hate my opinion."

i'm not in the depths of despair over it or anything, but i want to punch in the face a little bit for making people feel bad. hannah, others, consider yourselves apologized.

but there are still so many unanswered questions: where are these comments going? is anyone else having this issue? how do i fix it? what's going to happen to The Office now that Steve Carrell is leaving? i don't know if i'm even going to watch it anymore. the Scott character brought so much to the show, and while Dwight is awesome and Jim and Pam are sweet, i just can't picture the Scranton branch without Scott, as annoying and awkward as he is.
but THEN what am i going to watch while eating dinner? i can't eat in silence, and i've already watched Family Matters from start to finish. help me.

i'm not even really able to write a friday list today. i'm going to mope instead.
or maybe i'll write a list. but just a little one though.

1. this week, there is a music festival in town: the folk fest. and i'm going to be there. tonight, at midnight-- because that's when the band i like is playing on the free stage! three cheers for library voices at midnight!
2. last night, we went for a walk, and collective soul was playing a concert down the street, so the sound kind of wandered off into the sky and hit the stars and fell on me and it was drenched in star dust and tasted like joy and pop rocks.
two is enough, on such a day as this.

your haste in fixing my problems is much appreciated.


Mich said...

yay library voices! they are the greatest.

are you going to other parts of folk fest? cuz patrick watson is. and he's also the greatest.

have fun!

-note - you better approve this comment or i'll hunt you down...


April said...

#2 on your list made me smile :)

boo for blogger eating comments!!

Sydney said...

slacking on the friday lists, yikes. there wasn't even one last week again i don't think. i guess i'm probably a pretty big creep for always noticing that.

Chantelle said...

I read that having Blogger comments 'embedded' under your post can cause you to lose them... but you don't. So hmm....

JTay said...

I KNOW about the Steve Carrell thing! I don't know if I can even watch The Office without him. I feel like this could be all "Aladdin 2" all over again (You know, when Robin Williams wasn't the Genie and the movie was terrible and it kind of even wrecked the first one for me too because it was tainted with the lousiness of the second?!) So I want my Office untainted. So I might just pretend The Office is over. I will make up my own ending and go on my happy way:

Michael Scott is transfered to wherever Holly is, and they get married and live happily ever after. Then Jim is fully promoted to Michael's job with a fat pay raise so that Pam doesn't have to work and she happily stays at home with the baby, and they have more munchkins. And Dwight Schrute decides to farm full time and discovers a way to turn beet greens into paper and sells it to Dunder Mifflin. Oh, and Andy and Erin get married. And Creed becomes a rock star and goes on tour.

Ummm... do I know too much about that show? And is this comment so long that Blogger will eat it?

Linz said...

oh wow, your stream of consciousness was awesome. i didn't know carrell was leaving the office. HE'S the show. it's like if ricky gervais left the...oh wait. yeah, he did. and it ENDED. T_T

kelly ann said...

oy. i'm kind of super distraught about the steve carell thing. he's kind of one of my favourite famous people and i am going to be so sad when he's not on my television every week. television as we know it will suffer greatly. kjdfhsjkhf. why, steve? WHYYY? as much as i lovelovelove the office, i feel like the show should just end when steve leaves... end on a high note, you know? because i feel like once michael scott is no more - ratings will suffer a bit. i would be sad to say bye-bye to the office, but i think it would be for the best. for everyone.

however, i am not the president of nbc... so i doubt this will happen. unless the president of nbc is reading this right now and is thinking, "that girl is brilliant. great idea. let's give her a job at our network and pay her lots of dollars." then... well, that would be pretty sweet.

Chess said...

I know! What's the Office without Michael Scott? It's not, that's what! And I haven't even watched an episode since Pam and Jim's wedding. But maybe you could try watching Glee. I love that. :-)

I don't know if I lose comments or not, so I don't know what to tell you about that problem. However, I'm feeling mopey today too. Not sure why. :-(

erin :) said...

I love festivals! You're so lucky! :D And you can always watch Shark Week for now! During dinner, my mom and I always watch Cash Cab. And sometimes Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy if we eat late. America's Got Talent is also fun. I like Who's the Boss and the Cosby Show too. Now I'm just talking about TV shows I like. xD But Family Matters is the BOMB! I loveeee that show! :D I can never catch the reruns though! :(

Anyway, have a great time at the festival and all! :) & Don't feel bad about the people commenting about the no comments! It's not your bad. ;)

Erin :)

Hannah-Leanne said...

I particularly love that the 'others' link takes me to a Timbaland 'Apologize' video. That made me laugh. It's just a little extreme. Ha.

an9e1a said...

I wish I could help, but alas, I've spent many a dinner watching The Office. What ever will we do?

But on to happier things, eh? Like the way you ended your Friday list!! Yay! There just wasn't room/need for other numbers after that. Pure poetry! :)

Anonymous said...

every time that blogger messes up i just throw my overdue library books at my computer monitor. does the trick. every.time.

Holly Knitlightly said...

You crack me up.

I suggest watching the British Office.

suzy said...

sydney: hahaha, you're not a creep. and i seriously thought last friday when i didn't write one: oh well, sydney will be the only one who will even notice. and it made me smile that SOMEONE would notice. :D

justin: whoa. indeed. you need to write some letters.

linz: it's sad, but true. sigh.

hannah: me, extreme? no. never.

biscuit: ah. good call. i need me some more library books, cuz this seems to be happening a lot.

Zack said...

It's possible it's not Blogger causing the issue. The issue could be on the user's end as well, whether it is an ID-10-T error or a problem with configuration/network traffic.