Monday, August 9, 2010

live music gives me the smiles

if every day could be as saturday was, my head would be all full of music and my skin all full of sun and my face all full of joy zits.

i'll elaborate later, maybe.
for now, my favorite 5 minutes of the day [thankfully, someone owns a video camera [[not me]]]: 


Cara said...

holy craaaaap. who is this? they're freaking LOVELY. also, feel free to comment on my blog a list of your most favorite beautiful swoony, indie music.
i'm seriously craving it.
and those people walking past the stage in the background? what are they thinking? they should really stop and sit down and listen to this beauty.


kelly ann said...


this. is. so. AWESOME. why?! well, first - because they're freaking dreamy. and second - because i totally JUST finished a blog post about them that i'll be posting in a in the near future for my music monday feature. i can't believe you saw them live! swoooon. just heavenly.

April said...

I LOVE this ... who is it?

Also, there is this band from Florida called the Grecian Urns. They're on iTunes ... you should look them up, I think you'd like them. (Also, my sister's boyfriend is in the band, and his best friend is the lead singer. I'm not biased or anything.)

suzy said...

april and cara: they're called "ohbijou" and you can hear more of their stuff in the music box on the sidebar! :D it's so good. one of my favorites.
and april: thanks! i will check them out. :)

Maurice McStuffie said...

Maurice would love to go see live music someday.

becca said...

i have been reading your blog for, like, forty-five minutes. i love it. l.o.v.e.


suzy said...

aw becca! thanks! :D