Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tender bones

a picture is worth a hundred thousand million words.
unfortunately, the picture is stuck in my head, and none of the words are coming to mind.

i'm sitting in the dining room watching the rain come down on the hollyhocks, and listening to tender bones by ohbijou. 
this song is perfect for rain and hollyhocks.
 and also, this song is perfect for the indescribable picture i have in my head. 

we were walking; we were about a block away when the accident happened.
there was an angry horn, a collective gasp.
then there was an elderly woman under a big white truck, and blood, and people. 

i'd never seen someone like that before. 
i'd never seen limbs like that before.
and we couldn't help her, but there were people who could, so we could only walk and walk and walk until our shaky legs gave out in a park where we sat and prayed for her. 
i know we left her there, but i brought her picture back in my head.
and i know she's not under the truck anymore, but she is.


lydia. said...

this post is really sad.
i'm not really sure what to say...
but i hope you get to feeling better and can shake that image off.
i know what that's like...and it's an uncomfortable thing.


Annah said...

Deep post. Wow

Mrs. Wilson said...

Oh my dear Suzy. I'm so sorry.

Chess said...

Heartbreaking. I wish you hadn't had to see that. I wish even more that it hadn't happened. I'll pray for her too. :-(

Anonymous said...

i am so sorry you had to experience that.

Anonymous said...

the hollyhocks are beautiful.
deep post.
I found your blog and I would like to follow you... gawsh that makes me sound like a stalker. hehe:)

Chantelle said...

Oh Suzy... I'm so sorry. ((((hug)))) Not the pretty stuff of life, huh. :(

Chantelle said...

Oh Suzy... I'm so sorry. ((((hug)))) Not the pretty stuff of life, huh. :(

an9e1a said...

Well, that's just completely awful. And I don't really know what to say. I hope she's ok, and I hope you're ok too.

Sam said...

Oh dear! That sounds very distressing...I too get very upset seeing that sort of thing - particularly old people for some reason. Hope you are OK and my thoughts go out to the lady...

suzy said...

thanks guys. :)
and "iloveowls": haha, thanks for the follow! :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ohbijou! They're from my city! Well, Casey and Jenny are.

Anyways, that is so terrible that you saw that... and that it happened. I'm so sorry. I hope she is okay.